How do you find who you've followed?

I selected my first painter to follow the other night and then went to find some of his other paints but I can’t see where he’s listed anywhere. I had to go completely back through the whole search process again, manually input his name in, etc. Can you not specifically pull up the tuners and painters you’ve followed? The answer is probably going to be no you can’t. That would be too much like a storefront and that has been “dropped” from FM5 but I just had to ask anyway.

No you can’t. You have to look at each car seperately. The painters you’ve followed will then be the first ones in the list. If they are not there then they have no paint for that car. Stupid i know.

I thought that’s what I did. Found a paint, followed the creator, then went back into the paints for that car and he wasn’t listed first which is what triggered the question. But I’ll check it again tonight to make sure that’s how I have it.

Like I said originally, I thought it couldn’t be that easy and it was an “oversight”.

I double checked this again today. The painter I followed is not listed first in the paint search. Any other ideas?

Nope, there’s no easy way to search paints for one artist.

Yes, it was a major oversight in the effort to streamline the storefront which was already working very well.

It would have worked out better if we had the system in FM5 where you can search paints while buying a car and the game would automatically show your favorites. However additional search fields for most uses and another for most likes would have made searching a lot better.

Then for those times where you’d rather just browse everything, you could visit the storefront and use the same filters as those in FM4 (minus the field for highest rated, and add fields for uses and likes).

Additionally you could access the storefronts like in FM4 very easily for friends and favorites.

The current system only needs minor searching adjustments when it comes to buying new cars; however, as explained above this would only compliment the primary searching medium - the storefront.

How T10 could be so blinded about this baffles me. I can understand how time and pressure probably contributed to their decision flaws, but we’ll see if the mistakes were learned from in FM6.

When you download a paint or tune it no longer shows in the list. I guess you downloaded it?

He had like three or four I wanted so I downloaded the first one or chose to follow him then downloaded it, I can’t remember which I did first. Then I think I went back into paints and had to input his name all over again. But I don’t think I did a general search first to see if he showed up first. Since you mentioned that’s the way it should work I want to double check it again tonight just to see if I missed a step.

This sort of usable functionality was deemed unnecessary of too time consuming to add to the game. Maybe you’ll see it in FM6.

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