How do you become a rival

iz it randomly chozen…

if you are how do you know you been chozen…

It’s people on your friends list. It starts with the slowest friend the after you beat the time your next rival is the next fastest friend compared to your time.

If you don’t have friends in your list then I dunno. Probably a similar concept.

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if no friend achieved a score yet then it starts with the slowest ( i think it’s slowest clean score but never checked). Some players are making like 5 mn or more lap times in an attempt to be rival for as many other players as possible. Not to say, it is totally useless.

(Slowest dirty would be next rival if no friend has yet posted a time. If friends have posted times, slowest dirty friends would show as next before clean friend times as well.)

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lol I certainly have super clean friends :wink:



If you are in a Club then you are initially offered the slowest, dirty Club members time. You can , of course, change your Rival by pressing Y, and X to change the filter.

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Isn’t it always the next person faster than you if you’ve set a time?

Only if you have no friends having set a better time.