How do they do it? C Class

The cars are the C class Honda Civic 97 and Acura Integra, i have no idea how to build and create these cars to be quick round any tracks, i’ve tried multiple times and im always a few seconds off the pace! I see them at the top on big tracks like nurburgring to the small tracks which i can’t understand as i just don’t get along with the tuning aspect of these cars. I appreciate any help OR good tunes you guys have to offer.

In my opinion, its more about how you shift gears with those cars then anything else. While that can said about any car, I think its more important with the cars you mentioned. They aren’t my favorite cars, but I’ve got some decent tunes for them. You have to keep them revving really high for them to be fast. If you’re in the lower portion of the RPM band, then downshift, you’ll notice a substantial difference.

Could it also be that people change them to be RWD cars rather than remain FWD? Not sure, since I rarely even touch Hondas or Acuras, but I have a feeling that a lot of players convert FWD cars because they are more difficult to tune well.

No I have a FWD tune from Takumi that rocks. Remember FWD will be lighter than the rwd swap.

Cheers lads, it really annoys me because i’m a top 100 driver in C class, i see everyone at the top like 3 seconds faster in these cars and as soon as i make one i’m so much slower! it’s worse as i love the 97 Civic aswel

Well, do you have a super charger on your Honda builds? If not, its something you should consider adding. I can get top 100 times in Hondas and Acuras, but my times in my Mini and my Kia are faster by far. Hate to say it, but if you want to get closer to the top of the leaderboards in C class, Hondas really are not the answer. My Acura is pretty good, but I have to drop the handling all the way down to 4.8 or lower for it to be able to even have a prayer of keeping up with my Kia. Try something with a Rally motor in it, instead. Other than a few exceptions, the class is dominated by that motor now. Treunos, RS1800’s, Kias, Evo’s, WRX’s, Cortinas, Renault 5 turbo (I’m sure I missed several)… All of them will allow for the Rally motor to be installed and they will most likely be faster than the Hondas and Acuras. I still like my Mini the best, but its not good enough on several tracks in C class though. It still does great on Bugatti, Laguna, and Yas Marina though…

I take you mini isn’t up? I understand the rally motor is faster but i just want a competitive 97 for lobbies at least, i’m not expecting to beat my evo 8 and cortina, i just want a decent enough one to use. Same goes for the Acura mate

My Mini is not shared in game. The build is mine and I would be happy to share that. However, the tune came from someone else and I promised to not share it in the game. I don’t know how many good C class minis are out there as its not anywhere near as popular of a car in C class as it is in D class. Check to see if Zermatt or Simmo have one shared. Anything with the Rally motor will kill it on a speed track (Road America, Spa, Sebring), but it holds up very well on any handling track. IIRC, my best rank with it is #14 on Yas Marina Alt, so its no slouch.

Try Mick’s Acura. I built his and did like it. No offense to him, but I liked mine a little better, but his is still very good. Since its open source, you may want to play around with his build some though if you want to keep up with cars that are running the Rally motor. IIRC, his is more a handling car. With me driving it, it was 5 seconds slower than my Kia around Yas Marina Full and 6 seconds slower than my Mini. I’m sure that gap could be narrowed substantially with more practice and some tweaking of the build though. To be fair, I only ran it about 7 laps. It suffers from the same issues as most Hondas though, it doesn’t have the speed to stay with the Rally motor, and it can’t handle well enough to match a really good Mini or comparable car. There are some decent Civics and Acuras out there, but IMO, its just a matter of time until they all get knocked way down on the leaderboards by something with the Rally motor. If I could put the Rally motor in the 65 Mini, I swear I’d never drive anything else in this game.

Never ran it at Yas. Didn’t occur to me.

The Acura is a monster on conventional circuits and makes a great Ring car. It has quite good top end and corners on rails with great exit speed. Of all the cars in the game it is probably the one that most belies its stats. It isn’t as agile as a Mini, and doesn’t have the rally donk to give it a leg up on the straights, but it’s still one of the best of the circuit cars. I don’t hot lap. but I’d be surprised if it still wasn’t pretty competitive in the right hands.

I’m sure it is Mick. Like I said, I spent very little time in the car. It has just never appealed to me. I’ve seen that its doing rather well on the Ring, so I might give it a go there. How does it run with drag tires on it? :slight_smile:

Im laughing my arse off
. When I started playing, I was get my arse handed to me Hondas and acuras. Now a good driver asking how to make them competitive.

Hmmm… Well, why don’t you drive those Hondas and Acuras anymore? You’re pretty darn good (#16 overall in C class counts as pretty darn good, IMO) and don’t get your rear end handed to you by anyone in C class today. Other than that Mini you just started using, how many of your leaderboard times don’t have the Rally motor in the car? Why is that???

I still think some people are reluctant to use the Rally motor, but you’re a perfect example of what can be done with it. I waited far too long to use it and my times improved dramatically in C class with it and I’m not very good in that class.

I never liked imports… and hate hondas. I still have a couple PB with '97.

Ummm, then let’s get T10 to take down all the times you have in the Kia, Renault 5 Turbo, Subaru WRX, and Evo’s. For someone who doesn’t like imports, you sure drive a bunch of them :slight_smile:

Oh, and you’re from “New” England, not England, so that Mini you’ve been driving lately is an import too…

Just breaking your stones a bit…

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Try my Integra. Don’t know whether it’s the fastest build around but it is definitely quick - and open source to boot.

I will share my 97’ Civic tune’s later on or tomorrow. I will post the two i have but im still working on the one for Nurburgring. I can easily get top 100 times with both of them.

I recommend trying out a couple of tunes from “V12 TN Eagle” for the '97 Civic. He shared them some time ago and have been successful.

I also recommend some tunes from “mattp27”. There are two. One full grip with less horsepower for Atlanta Club and such tracks. One a tiny bit less grip with a tiny bit more horsepower for Indy GP, Spa and such tracks.

Also there is a D class tune by “mattp27” that is pretty good for Spa, Indy GP and such tracks.


Edit: Also for the Acura Integra for C class I recommended “I 1ee I” tune for grip tracks. That thing is awesome.

“mattp27” Has a tune for the Integra in D class that works well also.

I did pretty well matt tune for the civic

Racebox gotta use it …stretch final gear too accel ,then set 6th at your top speed needed,next drag all the gears up to 6th with a small gap until 1st…
The car will stall off the line and will prob do about 60mph in 1st but will give u max power in each gear …+ 100 gear changes a lap like a motorbike lol…
If for lobbies do the same but shorten 1st n 2nd …soi t wont stall …
As for Spa or the ring leave some weight in and add more power…
Same with celica,97,acura,rx3 anything with low torque n high rpm …if redline is 9k then dont drop below 7.5-8k in each gear even if u gotta use 1st on some corners…

Thanks lads il give them tunes a go tonight, Lou yes i admit pretty much all my times have the Rally motor in the car and i think thats why i struggle trying to make handling builds work for me, i only want them because i’ve seen how quick they can be and they take a completly different way of driving to be fast in them, making me a more adapted driver. Thanks for the tips aswel Simmo i’ll be sure to give that a try.