How do I view my tuning share codes?

Apoligies obvious question is obvious.

After building and tuning a car I don’t see any option to view share code when I save it. I can go back to Freeroam and then the menu, choose Creative Hub and Tunes to fund it, but there is no way to sort it and its hard to find the tune I just made.

Is there an easier way, am I doing this wrong?

You get in the car with the tune you want, and then go to user tunes as if you were putting a new tune on the car, in there is My Tunes.

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Lovely cheers, I was trying to find a code for a tune for a car I wasn’t sat in. Guess I need to get in it first.

Searching for tunes and putting your gamer tag in also works.

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That’s the one thats working for me right now, still can’t find share code without searching for myself.

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Yup me too, probably missing something, but been using that from FH4, as only old tunes got share codes in preview, newer only in search.

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What I do after getting in the vehicle, find your tune in the search and download it. The new copy will have the stats and option for the share code. You can delete the old copy. It will warn you that you are unsharing it but won’t actually unshare since you have the dl’ed copy. You can search again to confirm.