How do I uninstall this "app"

I am trying to uninstall Forza apex from my PC. I do not wish to play it and I am pretty sure it installed to my main harddrive which I didn’t want it to do in the first place. Wherever I look there doesn’t seem to be an uninstall option anywhere.


Go to your start menu and find forza apex, then right click and press uninstall.

Win-Key → All Apps → Forza Apex (under F) → right mouse button → uninstall

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Forza Apex doesn’t even exists in programs, I just deleted Forza Hub and it’s finally gone

Thanks, that worked. Right clicking in the “Apps” menu and selecting Uninstall I mean. After about 15 minutes of futile attemps to figure it out on my own. lol
Note to developers, there should be an option to uninstall on the store page and or an entry in the programs uninstall menu where people would traditionally uninstall a game.
With 19 GB of space used, I’ll just reinstall it if I want to play it again in the future. I got all the achievements, so I’m gonna move onto a different Forza, Horizon 2 on the X1 or 3 on the PC or Forza 6 on the X1 maybe.

Is there a way to re install it after i uninstalled it?

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For PC has the following solution and No need to Reinstall Windows 10, I had the same problem, the difference is that all my games are installed in another HD on an external HD, this way, just disconnect the HD restart windows, click the button to play the game and a message will appear to reinstall, simply connect the HD again and reinstall the Game.

For anyone who has uninstalled it, did it actually uninstall or just appear to be uninstalled? For me, the 21.8GB of files still exist. Check here:

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\microsoft.apexpg_2.8.18.1000_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe (select all and view properties)