How do i raise car suspension ??

Mines sitting pretty low

I tried adjusting springs and “ride height” in tuning but nothing changes

normally this would do the trick what you said am not a big tunner at all but i have had a go with no sucess at all lol springs should rise it up if it has body kit on it taking that off can rise them up again

Ride height adjustments are quite minimal, a few cm at best.

If you fit your car with Off-Road Springs & Dampers it can reach the maximum ride height possible.

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I’ll have a go with off road springs…

Will my on the road performance be affected by it??

Forza Horizon 3’s handling model is forgiving enough that Off-Road Springs & Dampers are almost as good on-road as they are off-road.

Both race and rally suspensions will let you change the right height, and in my experience they will have the same range of height options as each other, but there are two differences:

  1. race will default to very low in the adjustment range while rally/off-road suspension will usually (always?) default to the highest possible setting.
  2. the range of spring and shock stiffness available will be different. I believe the range always overlaps quite a bit, but race suspension allows you to go much stiffer on both springs and dampers than rally, while rally will let you go much softer.

with this info you should be able to achieve a range of ride heights. While some cars offer minimal adjustment, others will allow quite a range: