How do I play online with others player?

I am not sure if I pass the tutorial at the beginning. But in the game the online button just greyed out and wouldn’t let me to choose to play online. I’ve never play forza horizon before. Hope someone could answer me what the situation I am in now. thx in advanced

someone pls help me. thx

bump… pls help

Finish the intro it unlocks all the parts over time but think it unlocked online pretty fast
Maybe connection problems (teredo) or no idea…

Playing on pc? Press WindowsIcon type “xbox network” open it click on check/repair
Playing on console? Check you multiplayer connection in network settings. Active xbox live gold subscription?

thx for reply, I did finish the intro, but the online button still greyed out…I now try to play the world map to earn some xp but no help.

same issue here … just played horizon 4 and there’s no issue there → it should have nothing to do with pc or network connection … currently working on it, i’ll let you know if i find a solution

If you unlocked it check your game speed… I just had same issue and fixed it

Not sure if it’s the same in this game or not (wasn’t really paying attention) but, in FH4, you had to be Level 20 to play online…as well as unlock a certain amount of the “storyline” (ie do a certain number of events etc)

I don’t know exactly at what stage the online unlocks, but it seemed to happen pretty quickly, and quicker than it does in FH4. I just looked at your Xbox achievements and you have hardly done anything in the game, not even completed a race? Play the game more and it will probably unlock soon.

I played like 2 hrs in “world map” to earn some xp and still no help. sad

Just earning XP and Levels isn’t enough…you also need to complete some of the early Challenges. I quote this from a review I found about opening online:

“When playing through the basic races, focus on finishing tutorials and starter challenges. This will eventually unlock Horizon Life. You will know this happened when you see the “Welcome to Horizon” message come up on your screen.”

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Yeah not sure after wich event but there was this extra screen

Maybe irrelevant but thought I’d take a shot: are you on xbox and do you have crossplay enabled in your xbox settings?

Online had been hit and miss for me and a couple of my friends since release. Hopefully the hot fix later this week will help out a bit