How do I get the final championship race?

I’ve finished all of the championship races, found all of the signs and have gold wristband level 293. I haven’t done all of the bucket lists because I really don’t enjoy them - are they necessary to get the last race? I haven’t done much online racing either but it doesn’t seem like that would matter. My stats show 99% complete and it’s getting on my last nerve! I even did an extra road trip just to be sure - nothing. Any suggestions? I love the game. My only issue is that it always crashes in the tunnel on the road trip back from Nice Massena to the Festival. Maybe that’s the problem since that’s where my last road trip was. Thanks for any help I can get. (I’ve also been gifted 4 Huracan’s and some other duplicate vehicles - any future plans for a way to sell cars?)

Try to start a new championship. When you are given options of the 6 locations is there one that says 27/28?

No, they all say 28/28

I found out that I do have to complete all 45 bucket list items. Then I’m hoping the game will let me have the final race. If not I’m really going to be upset because I’m not a drifter and a lot of the challenges seem to be next to impossible if you can’t drift. I’m not enjoying these at all and just want to get them over with so I can get back to enjoying the game. This is my only problem with an otherwise outstanding game, but for me it’s a huge problem.

Your bucket list not being done is why the game is at 99%. AS for a final race I don’t know what you are taking about. You do a so called “finale” after 15 championships and again after 30. Afterwards there are no more “final” races as you say.

That sucks that we can’t do the Horizon Finale race any more. I very much enjoyed that long-ass race, believe it or not. I liked being able to choose any car I wanted instead of being restricted to a specific car type or class; I liked spending 20-30 minutes in a race instead of 2 dang minutes; I liked just being able to cruise around the entire map in a single race instead of being restricted to a certain region. BRING IT BACK, even if it’s for less XP or CR than the first two attempts.

I think you need to complete your road trip back to the festival … I’ve stopped many times to roam and just drive around before road tripping back to the festival and the game will not progress to the finale without completing the road trip.

If the game crashes in the tunnel on the way back, try driving back without going through the tunnel, you don’t have to follow the suggested route on a road trip, I do this often to avoid being crashed into by drivatars.

Bucket list is not connected at all to the progression of festival races, I doubt completing them will allow you to do your final race.

I think it’s the sort of thing that could be easily patched in - the showcase events are repeatable, just set it up similiarly.

I am actually running the second finale over and over and over and just quitting before the finish line right now - another fun thing is that you’re not going to be racing against the same cars within your class - you can race rally cars against muscle cars against JDM icons against cult classics against retro supercars all in the one race!

This is really missing throughout the rest of single player FH2.

The Finale is so unique, it needs to be repeatable.


Thanks for the responses! I thought there was a final race because the announcer was still saying the same things about getting to the final, at the end of each championship. It’s too bad they don’t have one - seems odd to have two early in the game and none at the end. I still have 10 bucket list items left but progress is showing 100% so I guess they’re not required (fortunately for me). Maybe they’ll add a real finale soon.