How do I get status as painter

Hey guys I have 29 designs which have 260 downloads and I have 25 vinyls that have 102 downloads. Why am I still considered a free lance painter!!

I think once you reach 1000 downloads is when it will change. So keep it up :wink:

I’m new. I think that’s wrong, why should people have to wait for 1000 downloads. the amount of work they do should be the only factor. They need to change that. especially considering how long it takes to create Vinyl’s. it should based on the amount you actually do. Putting all those hours in defiantly shouldn’t be labelled as freelance.

Your status as a painter is determined by the combined downloads, likes and uses of all your shared designs and vinyls. Not sure what the ranges are except for Legend (5 star) status which takes a combined 50,000 downloads, likes and uses.

What cars do people drive mostly? And can I transfer my graphics and designs from Motorsport 4 onto horizon the 1st then transfer it onto the 2nd then onto the 3rd?

You can only transfer designs from Forza games on the same generation consoles. So only from XB1-generation games … Motorsport 5 and 6 and Horizon 2 and 3.

there’s a ‘trending’ tab that gives info on what the more popular cars at the moment are.

I have 33 designs with 3000+ downloads, why isnt this enough to even be an elite painter? I see most people got their painting level by using preset decals. I spent so many hours creating vinyls and designing cars its stupid! I hate the way the painting system is. If im honest i just want to be able to sell RX7s for at least a million, so far i can go 250K and they will sell instantly.