How do I get new hubs on FH2 please ??

I have watched You Tube videos on barn finds and when the other gamers go to their map, they have the big H sign representing a hub. If I want to unlock a new hub on my map - for example, the San Giovanni hub, how do I do this please ?? Thanks

only the main hub shows as pink or red, and the one you are doing a championship in as well, the others remain greyed out, but first you must advance through the intro before you get the option to choose which event, and at which hub to proceed, there are six different hub’s

Proceed through the single player mode and as you visit the hubs, they should be unlocked. You can always free travel to a location close to a hub if it isn’t unlocked .

Thank you for the answers! I will try them out tonight!

Is it possible to need to be a certain XP level to unlock a hub?? I am on level 18 at the moment! Thanks again for any answers.

You just need to win the championships the game throws at you and then continue the roadtrip to the next hub.

Nope you dont need to be a certain level