How do i get in a drift lobby

so on forza horizon 1, all i ever did was go online and search for a drift lobby on red rock, and go drifting woth randoms or friends. I have no idea how to get in a lobby with drifters or create my own online free roam, would really be a help if someone could tell me how to find people to drift with!

You just either need friends on your friends list that drift or you have to search random public lobbies for drifters… Unfortunately theres no way to search drift lobbies on FH2:(

Not a big fan of the new lobby system to be honest :frowning:

Start a private free roam with friends. Once you get a couple people in the lobby, you can select the public free roam option and it will take the whole lobby.

Both have their ups and downs. Technically, you do not need to participate in any events that people attempt (or succeed) in starting in Public Free roam and can drift around. Others will see you drifting and may join you. Just have your headset on, don’t be annoying or rude but be vocal that you’d like to drift around and are looking for others to join you.

I’ll go drifting every once in a while but I tend to stick to racing. Try hitting up people you see here in the drift lounge for your friends list.

that is honestly one of the biggest let downs of the game, forza 1’s online system and game making was much better!

another supper big let down is the traffic, there is so much! sure it can be cool sometimes for realism but trying to drift around can be horrible when there is so much traffic!

my only tactic to find drifting friends so far has been adding randoms from this forum but not much luck

Even in free roam there should be an option to turn traffic off.

Absolutely stupid and worthlessly dumb solution but it works. Get into private free roam and decide where you want to drift. Find a race that has no cars and no barricades and launch it. Then drift around as much as you want and when you’re all done, finish the race.