How do I find Seasonal PR stunts?

Filtering the map for seasonal PR stunt challenges doesn’t show anything at all, am I missing something?

Are you still not seeing the filtered event after a cold reboot of your console/pc?

I have experienced this problem (Seasonal PR stunts very rarely show up on the map) … I think I’ve seen only 2 of them and I’ve been playing every day since UE released early. Every time I turn off my Xbox I do it by holding down the (X) button and then selecting “turn off console”. Is that what you mean by cold reboot? I do that every day.


I’ve seen this too. It’s not consistent. Filtering for them comes up blank. They might appear after a day or two, but they sometimes disappear just before the end of the season.


I’ve not yet been on with the current change of season to spring, but for the last few (3 or 4?) seasons I have had trouble finding the season PR stunt - filter to just seasonal events and there are just the races. Try again another day and the PR stunt is then visible.

Hi spring one is drift zone at the festival 40000 points

I have tried my very best, and really hard to get this 40K points.
Finally got it after spending quite a lot of time, so what is the reward?

Ah, cheers. But I don’t even get 3 stars at this. My drifting skills are non existent.

What does PR stand for ? “Public Relations” and “Packet Radio” is all I know.

Same problem here - didn’t see the Winter one or Spring one that started yesterday. I regularly cold boot the Xbox so that’s not the cause.

Are they finished by default when your previous PB is higher? It’s displayed as done, which I don’t like.

yes if you have already beaten the target shows as complete


I’m seeing this too, but it wasn’t always like this. The week that the PR stunt was that huge danger sign jump, I had already 3 starred the jump, and all the danger sign jumps, leaving my Horizon Life progress frozen … but the seasonal stunt was available, so I 3 starred it again, got credit, and my Horizon Life danger sign progress even advanced. It was a tease that got my hopes up that I’d be able to advance my frozen Horizon Life progress on all the PR stunts … no dice. All have shown up as completed since.

Sad but thanks. Sosome Seasonal PR stunts are done already when coming out, which is kinda lame. I enjoy weekly things to do.

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for me the seasonal pr stunt shows up Friday and then goes away Monday never to be seen again, so I only have a few days to do it. thankfully I got it done this week. but I missed week one because I didn’t realize it was such a small window

I usually see it upon initial login after season change, but this season it hasn’t shown at all, and I’ve used 3 different consoles. No biggie, I don’t know what the reward is and I hear it’s the drift zone by the festival.

the reward is a super wheelspin

Is it given out right after you’ve done it?
In my case, no.

Just wonder why they give me 2 superwheelspins by message every week.

If you read the 2 superwheelspin message it tells you it’s for vip.

As for the PR (public relations) stunt, if you complete it, you should simply have a super wheelspin added. There is zero notification that I’m aware 9f. Nothing to tell you you’ve completed it, or if you do, that they even rewarded you for it.

Not well thought out, just the way it is.

Thanks, it seems I got no reward previously.