How do I download video to forza hub?

Hi all. I’m a bit stuck on understanding how to get videos on to my video gallery in my forza hub. When I take a photo and share it it appears in my gallery but when I share a video replay it doesn’t. There is clearly a heading in my forza hub that says videos but it remains empty.

Many thanks

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I am also trying to figure this out. Came across this thread while searching. Ill continue searching but if someone has a link or how to on this can you post it? I believe OP is referring to the galleries section under the community tab on this site. That’s what I am referring to at least. I have some in game laps I would like to save.

That link was used in earlier games, on the xbox 1 you use the upload app

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Ahh… Okay. Thanks. I was looking for higher resolution. Little disappointed with the apps resolution. I’ll look to see if I can change it, perhaps that is just a default setting.