How Do I disable The Lego Speed Champions Location Flag Thing!

How do I remove it?

I’m sure it was gone at one point, but it’s back and super annoying!

i forget what that iz…

if it that blue line to show a route to where to go that you made and or selected and or have

try clicking on your car to cancel it

In map uncheck all
Then just add back what you want

You mean the tag on the map for jumping to lego thing ? there is no way to disable it.

Indeed rechecked and yes ‘festival sites’ works ! I had in memory having looked for ways to remove it when lego came out, quite sure it was not possible at that time …

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Yeah, I should have mentioned it was the marker you see in freeroam.

I thought PG had removed it at some point, but I must have been mistaken.

It just seems to be more prominent lately and very annoying/distracting when in “The Eliminator”, which I play mostly now after completing the Thurday seasonal update and which let’s face it, the LSC marker does not need to be on display during that game mode.

As mentioned a few times above:

  1. Using a Controller, click the right BUTTON to open the MAP filter.

  2. Scroll down the filter list and uncheck the FILTER for the FESTIVAL site.

  3. The LEGO SPEED, the ELIMINATOR, and the FESTIVAL sites will not be shown on the map OR WHILE DRIVING..

if you uncheck festival sites on the map filter the lego icon will disappear


I remember seeing it last week during races and it was super distracting but it seems to be gone now. At least for me.

As stated above, he’s not talking about the map. It’s visible in game while driving.

Just to add to this - I’m fairly sure the Lego one had disappeared from my game whilst driving in Freeroam, but now I have “Backstage” and “Super 7” visible over the horizon from everywhere - it’s so ugly and annoying/off putting.

I hope it’s just a short term thing, as the S7 is new - there doesn’t seem to be any way of getting rid of it at the moment. Changing what is viewed in the map makes no difference, these things are always there.

(10.5km away, from the other side of the game - is it really necessary?)