How do I disable crossplay?

Same issue that was going on in the last game. If you guys don’t wanna address the shady things PC players are doing in these competitive modes such as Eliminator. Tell me how to disable crossplay myself! I’m sick of people fast traveling to the destination in Eliminator.

Its me and one other guy fighting for the win, the finish line is still 4 miles away and neither one of us win. Look up the name of the player who stole the victory, playing on PC. Can’t say I’m surprised but I am annoyed.


I fully support this. PC gamers use jump hacks, speed hacks, teleport hacks, credit hacks. We deserve to ‘avoid them’ at all times if we play on xbox. Please support turning off crossplay (only for accounts that play on xbox exclusively).


LOL PC players are better than me so I come on a Forum to cry about it waaaaaa


I would like to know what advantages PC has in this game? Apart from 120+ fps which is pointless in game like this.

Only thing I can think of is easy access to cheat programs. Like we already saw in FH4 some people do whatever they can to be at top of leaderboard. I’m not saying PC players are cheaters but we shouldn’t ignore facts either.

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Your comment is way off base in this case. DaReo is one of the best players out there. He holds numerous records in FH4 in Eliminator, in particular.

Further, while not saying that everyone who plays on a PC is a cheat, there are many more ways to cheat on a PC.

I fully agree that there needs to be a way for those of us playing on a console to play against only other players using a console. It’s called leveling the playing field.


How about a video of what happened there?

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Don’t even worry about it Doug, when I post in here I’m generally not talking to other players, my messages are directed at people who can bring change within the game. Clean PC players take the complaints personally like it’s aimed at them, if it doesn’t apply let it fly.

I’ll try to get a video of it but there’s no way people can get to the final spot within 10 or 15 seconds when its all the way on the opposite side of a much bigger map this time. Also I just got challenged and knocked out by an invisible player. He was never on my map, never even appeared after I was challenged.

Unbelievably sad…

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You already tell he’s using a speed boost. Then he just glides over all the mountainous areas in a RWD Camaro.

On FH3 and FH4, it was in the settings to disable crossplay with PC. I always disable it when it comes to online, I just haven’t look for it yet!

No, PC players are not always better at the game but you do have a terrible reputation for exploiting the game!!!


I play on PC and would also like to let crossplay be disabled, because the game is already a nightmare less than a week into its early access release. Those who play it on console shouldn’t have to put up with the cheaters.

Actually, those of us who play on PC shouldn’t have to put up with it either. Cheaters should be banned from so much as using a pocket calculator. They have the integrity of a termite infested shack.

But sparing at least Xbox One/Series players from the basement script kiddies would be a partial solution.


only option ive seen is horizon solo mode.

but thats offline and probably not what you want.

but yeah. many more ways to cheat on pc.
dont even think the series x has been hacked, so native cheats dont even exist for it. just glitch exploitations at the moment.

You can disable crossplay in the Xbox settings:
Scroll down to “Account” and then select “Privacy and Online Safety”, followed by “Xbox Live Privacy”. Click on “View Details and Customize”, and then choose “Communications and MMultiplayer”. Change the “You can play with people outside Xbox Live” setting to block.

But PC players using the Microsoft version ARE using Xbox Live services, so it would only possibly get rid of Steam users, but not all PC players.

Should filter many people since I’d expect most PC players to be playing the Steam version.

Cheaters are probably using the Microsoft Store. Why do I say this? Because Xbox Game Pass is cheaper than the Steam copy. If you get banned, it’s easier to make a new account and buy another Game pass card than to make a new Steam and buy another copy.

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Does that block PC players or just those on Steam?

I had already disabled my crossplay in there but I want the option in the game menu, so that way we know it’ll keep me against other console players. My suspicion is it only stops you from playing with Steam players but that bunch are probably the reason we still get the insane load times in Open racing.

The sad thing is, as much as I love eliminator I can’t even force myself to play, I can’t force myself to play the game period and that makes me sad. I was very excited for this game but they dropped the ball and I no longer have the urgency or passion to play. Long live FH4!

If I keep playing FH5 it will be because that’s what the Forza community has moved onto. I’ve enjoyed being able to quickly get a full race lobby, like in the heyday of FH4. The racing itself, not so much. It’s fine but I prefer FH4. I jumped on there this evening and had a few races, not many people sadly, even though it’s the weekend. It felt great, the cars handle and stop better and it just feels really comfortable. If there is enough of a community remaining with FH4 then I would prefer to play that. We’ll see.

I don’t blame you for going back. I wish B road and street would come up more because its very competitive and lots of variety. The only real expectation we ever really have when it comes to these games, is that it be better than the previous iteration. I’m not saying this is the final form of the game but wow was it completely different than 4. The cars do handle way worse and the braking I don’t even care to talk about.

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I’m not actually 100% but I believe it blocks both.