How could you just use a R33 Engine sound for the DB11 ?!

What on earth are you doing to this game ?!
First you’re too lazy to just cooy the Skyline and Supra engine sounds from previous Forza’s and then you mess them up by giving them the same sound as the M4 ?

And now you just re-used the R33 sound for this new Aston DB11 ? REALLY ?!

An Inline 6 sound…used for a V12 car. I’m amazed how Aston Martin didn’t sue this company already…

What a joke of a game…

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There are bigger issues right now then the wrong sound for the Aston Martin…


Those aren’t being addressed either.

It’s not like T10 is demonstrating that there’s a list of issues that are being prioritized and fixed. So there shouldn’t be any problem listing all the problems. If people want to do more work for T10, I guess you all can create your own list of prioritized problems (but if somebody else says that interiors are more important than other stuff I’m going to projectile vomit), but the constant parade of people saying “this isn’t a problem” when ever somebody brings up an aspect of the game that sucks is an enemy of progress. Yes, many of the sounds in the game suck, so add them to the list. If the list doesn’t include the bugs at the top and the car sounds somewhere, then the list is incomplete and an enemy of progress.

Jesus. What did they do, get the license for the DB11 and put a skin over the R33 and amp up its PI to call it the DB11? lol

I’d actually laugh pretty hard if it’s actually an R33 with a DB11’s skin over it. Haha!



The DB11 is a V12, but it’s two I6’s fused at the crank, so an I6 may not be that far off, soundwise.

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“A v8 is like two I4’s fused at the crank, so an i4 may not be that far off sound-wise.”


That’s not what I said at all. A V8 is a V8 and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some designed that way too, but in this case the v12 is exactly that. Some V12s are designed as a V12s others aren’t.

Edit: yes, I realize how dumb that all sounded. It should still sound like a V12.

I take it you’ve never heard an Aston Martin in real life.



:Facepalm:… I have no words. A NISSAN engine in an ASTON? ROFL!!! This game has reached a new low.

That new low has already been reached in Blizzard Mountain when they copied the interior of the road going homologation Lancia Delta and put it in the new rally Group B car. To add salt to the wound they didn’t even care to give the car a racing livery, not even a sad censured one. Ooh and that’s an expansion DLC car we pay for by the way!

We get it, that’s like the one big thing you discovered after a Lancia historian posted on the forum over a month ago. I’ve seen you write this at least a dozen other times. Just a FYI, that knee-jerk reaction is far from universal. It gets a little stale when you reference the same poor conclusion you jump to in every post about this. Since the Group B version doesn’t sport the title of an official racecar (number, team and all) they have creative liberty to just make it look plain. It’s something they get to get away with since it’s common knowledge that it’s less for licensing if they just build off of the ones they currently have. If you really think that’s the worst thing they could have done, you need new material stat. The lack of barn find in this month would be easier to use for an “all time low”.

By the way, you are still wrong about their ability to have creative liberties over official liveries. Did that rhyme? It shouldn’t have, because that point is still standing. Your weird counter-idea that was shot down about them unofficially releasing the livery via a non-dev account is also shoddy and just unprofessional, and for fairly obvious reasons (I hope) wouldn’t happen.


Regardless of the engine size, it is possible it’s glitched. People have reported having no sound with the Aston too, so maybe it’s just in need of a patch.

yes but i think eveyone is getting tired of them bringing out a game and having to wait another month for a patch, at least i am.

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when i pay 80 - 100 dollars for this game and pay for the DLC its annoying when their too lazy to check the cars before releasing them.

You all realise the DB11 doesn’t have the same 5.9L V12 as the older Astons, right?

Sure, it sounds a little off, but it’s a completely new twin turbo 5.2L V12 so it’s not going to sound like the older cars.

It still shouldn’t sound like a V6.

If it is a glitch I wouldn’t count on it being fixed, the Volvo S60 has had broken tail light textures caused by the last DLC and still isn’t fixed.

Either way the DB11 sounds awful in this game, sounds like a generic tuned JDM 6 pot being played on an electronic organ.

Forza Horizon 3 will probably go down in history as one of the most broken console releases of all time.


And yet here you are, complaining on the forums and I bet still playing and I bet still paying for the DLC. Correct me if I’m wrong somewhere.