How can i win the new Apollo when Turn 10 don't let me play online?


I spent 100 € for the game. Since release I can not play online like many others.
The support just does not answer anymore, weak.
Worst support I’ve seen in a while.

At least I will not buy any more from them.

How can I win the Apollo now?
I want to win and not buy!

Nothing to do with turn 10

This is your first post
How have you asked for help previously

Have you sumbitted a ticket at the support site yet ??

How can anyone here help you if you havent provided any information on your issue

The last answer from the support on my ticket is 3 months ago. Since then, no contact anymore although I wrote the support twice.

Like some here, I have tried everything. IPv4 / IPv6. Turning off Teredo. Every time the same mistake.
FH4 is the only game that makes such problems.
Even FH3 and FM7 work without problems.

I get that sometimes

I properly restart the modem and also my pc and all is good again

Which InternetProvider do you use?
Welchen Internetanbieter hast Du?

I play on XBOX One X.

My Provider is Unitymedia.

I can download Designs, Tunings etc.
But no connection to Horizon Live.

You can try to sign out of your XBOX profile, then sign in with another account (create another if you don’t have an alternative account), and see if problem continues. If everything works, go back to your main account, and see if it now works.

This fixed a similar connection problem for me in FM7 in the past, but in my case, FH4 worked, while FM7 doesn’t.

Unfortunately, that does not work either.
I think it’s a shame that the support simply ignores you.
Take money but do not give support. :frowning: