How can I stop my A4 DTM shocks from bottoming out?

I’ve tried from stock to extremely stiff and nothing seems to help.

Increase the ride height.

It’s funny, my #4 Vette doesn’t bottom out and it’s sitting at the same height on both ends 3.2. I had the A4 that low as well. So why does one bottom out and the other doesn’t. As it sits weighing at 2,324lbs the A4 weighs 213lbs less. So the suspension and ride height should be fine as it is set.

Try stiffer spring rates as well. The Corvette is going to have a higher maximum spring rate because of the style of the car, so if you set both at exactly halfway across the bar, the Corvette will have a higher number for a spring rate. At least I think that’s the case… I haven’t checked the numbers in a long time. Raising the ride height will help a bit, too. Just don’t go overboard with it, especially in the rear.

Like Bulin says, the Vette will have heavier springs because it’s a bigger car. In theory, you only need enough spring rate to keep the car off the ground. Raise your spring rate by 50 lbs,(making sure you maintain the same ratio) until the car no longer bottoms out. You can then adjust the dampers and bumps for the handling. If the suspension bottoms out, your bumps may be too low.

I’ve been working on the suspension issues with the DTMs. They are pretty soft to begin with. I’ve increased spring stiffness and bump. I prefer a stiffer rebound and softer bump for better traction from inside out so I can get away with not using so much camber.

I drive the Audi too , only time it ever bottomed out for me was at the Nurburg GP course . I have my springs set at 400 lbs front and rear . The ride height is min setting for the front and two clicks higher at the rear ( 3.2 and 3.4 inches i think ) the bump and rebound are 1.7 front , 1.5 rear ( bump ) and 8.5 front and 7.5 rear ( rebound )

Try those settings and see how it goes

@ voldemortt, same here with the Nurburg GP. I’ve pretty much got the issue resolved. The two points on Nurburg GP it’s best if you just watch your line to much on the inside it drops off dramatically and will bottom out regardless.

Nurburg GP is a bumpy track so it may be a case of just sacrificing something or adapting to get the most performance. On that track I made it a habit to use a lot of the kerbs and astroturf as that was smoother than the track normally was.