How can i shut down multiplayer voice please?

I enjoy league racing but I’m not using a microphone so I’m not chatting anyway. But the noise I get from other players is really annoying me big time. Dogs barking, people shouting at each other, people couching loud, people speaking in languages I don’t understand, some random noise that sounds like it comes from a WW1 transistor, … I’m so sick of it all.

Is there a way I can turn this all off?

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You’ll have to mute each individual player by highlighting their name in the lobby and selecting the mute player option

There is no way as far as i know to collectively mute everyone at the same time

Start a private Xbox live party?




Good thinking

going to be doing this myself

Hey this is brilliant man lol I NEVER would’ve thought of that. Now I know what to do! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for this, works great.

I can’t work out how to turn it ON… I probably don’t want it on mind you, but I’ve been playing multiplayer in silence for a while now. Must’ve stuffed something up in the Xbox settings

make your voice communication friends only under online safety. At least thats where it is on the 360. that way you only hear people talk over mic whom are only on your friends list and you dont hear the screaming kids etc… i did this a long time ago

This is what I did a while back on the 360, and thankfully I can’t hear screechy annoying spazzy kids whining and screaming all of the time now :smiley:
(I’m guessing something carried over to the XB1 as I can’t hear anyone but my friends)

how long u been playing online?
they been doing that for along time

Option B: plug in your mic, but put the mic on a side table instead of wearing it.

This will eat through batteries faster, but I just connect the controller to the Xbox with a USB cable, so I don’t have to worry about that.

Another option is to just plug your headset into your controller and then turn the volume on it down and mute it then set it to the side. The players voices should come through the headset which you have turned down to 0 volume and are not wearing so you will not hear them at all. Muting your mic will keep them from hearing you as well.

Ok thanks for the suggestions, I will try that out!

Part of the issue is people don’t realise they’re transmitting through Kinect half the time. Tell them, politely. They may not know, and it will improve the atmosphere for anyone else they play against. lol

I usually get some profanity spewed at me for doing this.