How can I share UNLOCKED tuning setups or gift them to friends?

Friends and I sometimes love buying, upgrading and tuning quirky old cars. We talk alot about the cars and tunes in party chat while freeroaming or racing. I just can’t figure out how we can share (or gift to friends) our setups in a way, that the user at the receiving end of things can see what’s been done with the car and take it from there. I remember in Horizon 3 it says something like “tune locked by the creator” when we could never figure out, how to actually make this decision or not.

Please advise if I’m missing something :slight_smile:

Just in case neither sharing nor gifting is possible: what do you think, should it be allowed in the game? If the sharing/gifting player = original creator of the setup, of course?
Thank you!

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the only way to do this is through chat and sharing the tuning values. all shared tunes are locked and cannot be adjusted.

Thanks XCELRATE! So basically what we’re doing all the time: sitting in the garages talking each other through the steps/values.

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Yeah you got it…

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