How can i do


i want to drive in Singleplayer with my Mono against other Cars like this but i have no option to do this. Than i have want to Race only with Ford Eco Boost but i can not set this Option. Is it not posible to Race in Bathurst 20 Laps with my Ford Eco Boost against 23 other Ford Eco Boost ?

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Unfortunately, you can’t. We had the option to pick the AI’s cars in FM4 in a private lobby, but there is no such option in FM6 at the moment.

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Go to multiplayer, create private room. Set all the rules how you please and race away.

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At Multiplayer is posible to drive only with 5 Drivatars

This is the only way change everything till the only car choosable is the eco

It’s 5 drivatars per human player, so you need 4 players, plus 20 drivatars to fill the grid. This game is full of weird design choices.


Yes but at least this design choice makes actual sense and has been explained by Voodoo.

Actually it didn’t make any sense at all. I could understand 2 people being limited to 10 ai, for performance reasons and to ensure a good quality connection. But if there is 1 player the full 23 should unlock because at that point it’s all local anyways and no different than free play. And the ubiquitous “we could before”…


One would think but that’s not the case.

That’s why split screen exists. Offline play is where you can play locally with as many AI as you would like. There is an offline mode for a reason.

When you enter online mode it does not matter whether there are a dozen real people in the lobby or simply one. Online multiplayer does not therefore differentiate based on the amount of players in the lobby because it operates under the assumption that more can join at any time. Should there be 4 real people in the lobby and 20 AI and other gamers wanted to join, the game simply removes an AI to make room.

Voodoo said that due to the way the multiplayer connections are established an AI in multiplayer is required to have a “host”. In an effort to maintain the best possible connection for game play and allow a full lobby of 24 racers as often as possible the developers have limited the number of AI that can be tied to a single host to 5.

Were you wishing to play with 23 AI by yourself the mode you should choose is the Free Play. And herein lies the dilemma of Free Play lacking any sort of real options to set up games in a way the players want. If Free Play had the same level of customization as Private Online Lobby then this would be somewhat easier to do. Turn10 has explained why multiplayer works the way it does but still fails to mention why they have butchered the Free Play Option. I could see Free Play being limited if it was all moved over to online but with the limits placed on online play this has not been the case.

If you want to read Voodoo’s exact post, search for his gamertag and look for posts made in the FM6 General Discussion Forum. There aren’t that many so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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I did read it but I didn’t think about that part. There are ways around that, like locking the lobby, but yeah the easier way to do it is giving free play those same options.

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Hopefully, unlike Halo 5 this is something that can be patched in.

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Why, what did he say about it? To be honest, at this point every answer they give seems to be about justifying something silly. I mean we could pick cars before but now we can’t, but it’s ok guys we have a good reason! lol

So… in FM5 I could set up a multiplayer race with just me and fifteen Drivatars, but now in FM6 it would be me and five?

I’m also curious about these alleged explanations for why FM6 can’t handle what older Forza games could handle, like more Drivatars in multiplayer or being able to choose my opponents. I’m also curious as to why I can’t go into free play and tell the game I only want F1 cars, only V8 Supercars, only pre-1970 muscle, only Mustangs, and so forth.


Pretty much this. Or, if you want me to use multiplayer in order to achieve this, let me at least drive in a full field by myself.

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