How can a Steam plantform user got the "Ford Coupe FE"?

I know that the “Ford Coupe FE” is a different DLC bonding with the FH5 special edition XBOX controller.

One of my friend bought a FH5 special edition XBOX controller from Amazon who bought FH5 in Steam, and input the key follow the guide. But by now, he still did not get the car.

I googled and found out that maybe only FH5 - Windows Store players can get the “Ford Coupe FE”.

So can I get an offical feedback if a steam FH5 player has a way to get the “Ford Coupe FE”? thx a lot.

There are no codes available for Steam users to access the DLC included with the Limited Edition Controller. The code can only be redeemed on Xbox/Windows and the content is only applied to the Xbox/Windows account entitlements and gamesave due to two different systems.