How are people (cheating) ghosting on team adventure?

Just a quick question I’ve noticed quite a few people now who ghost there cars and drive right through you to over take in team adventure ? In my opinion that’s cheating because others have to over take cleanly if possible , until they add ghost mode that is … has anybody else noticed this or does this if so how do you do it if they get an unfair advantage I think we all should know how to do it ?? Or until ghost mode is added the devs should stop it happening?


I’ve noticed this. I’ve seen some people stay ghosted nearly the whole race, although not for a week or two. Recently, just relatively brief ghosting, but definitely not when it should happen per existing game mechanics. Looks like a client - side hack to me.

Hey guys,

You PC or Xbox. If PC, mash that print screen button when you see it. If racing on xbox? Sacrifice the race to grab an image.

For both, report suspicious activity.

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Cheating or user-end hotfix for the mess?

Jokes aside, I think that is just a bug. I don’t think it is an exploit, but you should report it because bugs have to be fixed.

I really hope they punish rammers or add collision less races soon, because currently I am unable to play online adventure. The ramming is insane. I only did collision less races in FH3 a handfull of times because people used to know how to use the break at the corner (mostly).

Now I am at the point that I had to stop playing online adventures. After I smashed my table so hard that that my cup was capsized and its content was flowing down on the wall through the cables risking to damage my system, and as much as I feel competent in the game and I like to play it in a semi-competitive manner, it still does not worth my time if I can not have fun while playing, because some idiot keeps smashing the back of my car or push me out to miss the checkpoints. And this is literally in every single online adventure.

If they don’t add online adventure with ghosting, I will just wait half year/one year till the playerbase matures to the level of the current FH3 players.


A couple things:
There seems to be some latency or packet loss threshold after which cars ghost. Presumably when collision detection would be meaningfully impacted.
The pattern I’ve seen is of people doing this at precisely the right time to avoid a collision, vs. it hapenning while someone is driving erratically (consistent with packet loss, missing inputs, etc.), which I take to be the designed behavior.

I’ll attempt to keep track when I see it consistently. I often stream; I think mixer records.
Circa 2 or 3 weeks ago, I remember a couple of cars that would stay ghosted for entire races, and their map dots would be nowhere near the track (even on tracks with checkpoints). Yet they’d always finish 2nd… This didn’t last long; I took is as an exploit that was quickly fixed.

Also, re rammers/wall riders - there are really only a small handful of tracks where wall riding is faster (hopefully those will get fixed!), and there’s definitely risk. After a while, it becomes pretty easy to dodge both groups. While it certainly happens that you can start out in back on a tight track and have little to no chance to get past everyone to win, in the overwhelming majority of races I’m in, the good drivers wind up consistently near the top.
It definitely means adjusting your line and strategy - make sure you stay inside checkpoints by controlling your angle and wheelspin while braking so if you’re hit from behind you may be off-track, but you’re through the gate.

You see this in IsuckAtDriving / Grandma Driving’s videos on youtube, where even though he sometimes gets blatantly rammed and loses out as a result, most of the time he’s 1st or thereabouts by the end of the race, and he has a high league rating as a result. But he’s very good, he’s something like 10 secs faster than me at the Lakehurst Forest Sprint, and I was top 0.6% in the last FM7 bounty hunter rivals, so I’m not completely useless at these games. Someone who is less good probably suffers more, as they haven’t got the spare physical and mental capacity to look behind as they approach a corner to spot threats and avoid them.

Incidentally, does anyone know how ISAD/GD is able to start in 4th place when he’s testing cars? I always start last, which will account for some of the time difference as the drivatars cost me some time till I’m past them all.
Edit: never mind, I’ve worked it out, he must be playing on the easiest drivatar setting, I hadn’t realised you start higher on the grid for the easier levels. That has taken about 5 seconds off my times for the Lakehurst Forest Sprint.

It ghosts cars if there is a collision, Forza has always done this, badly and inconsistently but nothing new here. It is because zero people drive clean in this game, so it happens a lot.

3rd party apps on a PC.
The whole reason I’m against this Xbox/PC cross contamination is because of the cheating by computer players.
Once upons time, consoles were safe from such nonsense.
I also hate them pinging me off the game. Get rid of the cross contamination and I bet most of your “glitches and bugs” go away for console players.


NOT every body on pc is cheating, also the “contamination” is fine by me, I get to play with everyone, instead of being singled out, I have had great races from console users, I’ve had them from pc users. Also ping is just not a computer issue, it can even be a concole issue, because, you know what routing is right? you know how that works. if there is a point in the routing that is slower the pink will go up, it has nothing to do with a person using a pc. learn2internet

having same issues even in team games players skipping through objects and other players.

That’s not cheating!, a cheat would be to have increased speed (an abnormal increase that is), this is just LAG, since the game’s servers are located in the united states and everyone connects to them (at least in the americas, all the south american racers have to connect to it), so we end up with 200 ping or so, and that ends up in a desynchronization with the server, so the server makes you a ghost so it can fix your true position without affecting the others… it’s just lag.