How are guys getting stupid amounts of XP while racing to events online?

For example, “Race to the next event” Reward if you make it: 8000XP…then on top of that, they give you exra XP for whatever skills you pull off. But giving the example above, I am seeing guys get like 60000XP before even #1 even starts its just from them driving to the event. What are they doing to gain so much XP during the “Race to the event” phase?

The last time I played an online games only adventure, the first event was a game of king. It took about 5 seconds to drive to the start location of the first event. I was awarded about 660 XP points, as was everyone else, except for one person who got over 127,000 XP. This is before the first event starts. How is that even possible?? The only reason I stuck around was to complete a Forzathon challenge, and I could care less if I won, but a lot of people did abandon the game after the first event, as there was no chance for anyone else to win other than the cheater.

If you complete a #Forzathon challenge during an Online Adventure, the XP gained from that Challenge will be added to your Online Adventure score.


how are people not seeing all the other threads on the same “issue” before posting new threads on the exact same topic, there are numerous in both the discussion and support forums, and this has been going on since the forzathons began about 18 months ago
the past week would have been more noticeable though with the 50 odd forzathon challenges available

How do people seriously not know this yet? Just use a smidgen of common sense and you’ll figure it out. Skills, bonus boards and some forzathons all count towards online championship XP.

Furthermore if someone gets a forzathons during the fourth race it will show up in the next championship.

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