How active is multiplayer?

Hey all. I cannot afford M6 or 7 at the moment but have M5 and was wondering if the multiplayer is still active and functional enough to download and play again until the release of 8. Any feedback would be awesome, thank you!

I’m always up to play some FM 5 Multiplayer Hoppers, add me TheGame1083

Need some medals, so if you want to play with me, add me :slight_smile:

Multiplayer is not too active I guess :smiley:

Forza Rewards needs you! Come on.

It was very active before the continuous crashes (the game suddenly closing when multiplayer was selected).

I didn’t play after those to see if it’s fixed. It should be more active than Forza 6 I believe.

It was probably because of connection. I got around 120 medals in one day and no crashing. But I read a lot about it here.

Anybody for medals? It’s about 100 medals in one hour.

Any booster here?

Come on, guys! I don’t want to buy second M5 to play with myself :smiley:

I’m surprised this forum is still active (although this post was 5 months ago). Was playing Multi-player yesterday to try and pick up some achievements for microsoft rewards, so it’s still there. The problem is that there are also plenty of idiots on there. For an hour I spent my time racing 2 or 3 others and avoiding the a$$ wipes that just hung around to knock you off the road. It’s all good though since I have plenty of real racing in FH3, FH4, FM6 & FM7. You also get to finish on the podium pretty much every time.

I am still active too! :smiley: It’s hard to find normal people for MP.