How about using ray tracing in the actual game instead of only the dumb forzavista?

The idea of having ray tracing in this game is nice but the way these devs are doing it is ridiculous as usual. The only time I have ever used forzavista was to get the achievement. This should be used in the actual game while you play it or it’s just another big fail… I understand some people enjoy just staring at their digital vehicles but I bet I am part of the majority of players who think fozavista is pointless in a racing game. I know it doesn’t matter what I say here because the devs have proven over and over again that they will not listen to the players but it sure would be nice if that finally changed since we all have a lot of very good ideas that would make this game so much better. Another thing that would be real nice would be the option of turning off the music in the game since not everyone likes the same music and waiting for events to start can get annoying hearing garbage that the only way to avoid is by muting.

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I would have been incredibly impressed if they were able to optimise ray tracing for locked 4K 30FPS this early after the console launch and this early in ray traced game dev as a whole, especially in an open world title.

I feel your sentiment and they absolutely should - and doubtlessly are - working to get RTX in Forza gameplay. But we were never going to see it here.

ray tracing in FH5?? hahahahahaha. Dont make me laugh… also who cares? to do that, first the game would need to be considered “AAA” and i pretty doubt that FH5 will fall in that category lmao. Unless its a mega huge step from FH4.

Umm, did you not see or read anything about Horizon 5? One of the things they said is that it WILL have ray tracing but only in forzavista. How about you read and learn before you try to insult someone on here. By the way insulting other users here is against the forum rules so maybe you will learn something.


And? having ray tracing only in forzavista is basically NOT having ray tracing in the entire game. Of course, something like forzavista can easily handle ray tracing alone. Its not a big deal and not a big achievement lol.

Is FH5 going to have proper antialiasing? proper 4k support? proper shadow casting system? proper models of trees and plants? and other hundreds of things. They need to start there. It will be stupid as h1ck to add ray tracing in-game when you dont even have proper anitaliasing, what a joke hahahahahahaha. It will be hilarious, sorry. So as i said, no, of course the game is not going to have raytracing in-game. Forzavista? sure, why not. That has nothing to do with the actual game at all. So who cares? lol.

Where did he insult you at???

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While that would be great they’re apparently having problems getting to 60FPS at 4K or even a dynamic 4k resolution without it which is disappointing in itself.


This game was probably developed for the previous gen consoles, so Ray Tracing was probably an after thought. I know they didn’t mention it, but it will probably be available for the Xbox One. I’m sure they will have an optimization update for the series consoles in the future to incorporate 60pfs or even 120fps (at the cost of visuals of course). Ray Tracing has a huge impact on performance. I personally think it’s a waste in a racing game. You’re not going to have time to stop and look at the realistic reflection of water while you’re going 100+ in a race. It makes sense to put it in vista only.

I am 100% okay with being consistently matched up against opponents who are paying more attention to shadows and reflections than the next apex. :stuck_out_tongue:


Forza Horizon 5 Creative Director explains the lack of ray tracing
Gemma Ryles
October 11, 2021 2:10 pm BST

I mentioned in another thread that FH5 was restricted to the Series X specs, nobody believed me.

Even if consoles were not having a chokehold on FH5 and it did offer ray tracing for actual gameplay I would still turn it off to gain better FPS.

This stuff was pretty much assumed when they said FH5 would be backward compatible and on the old engine. The first place more ray tracing will be available will probably be Motorsport since it is being built on the new game engine and will not run on the older consoles. Backward compatibility comes with a price.

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Visual Ray Tracing effects do not add anything meaningful to Forza Horizon.
Kind of like how the Flight Simulator engine is DLSS compatible but there are no plans to add DLSS to Flight Sim because AI Upscaling isn’t effective on high altitude visuals.

Horizon 5 already has a system for rendering rear window reflections during races.
Screen Space reflections are disturbed much less in racing games than in other games.
Global Illumination also doesn’t need to be very detailed because again practically everything is being done in wide open outdoor areas.
Reworking the game engine for expensive features that only fix minor visual issues is counterproductive.

If there is performance being left on the table then I can heartily agree that RT should be doing “something”, right now we have Ray Traced Audio and that’s already a big upgrade,
given the genre of game here I’d rather have RT Audio than RT Reflections or GI. Playing on PC I always keep reflections on Medium or Low because high quality reflections have such little value to the overall experience.

In general I would say that Ray Traced Global Illumination is the most beneficial implementation of real time Ray Tracing in games, so it would be “neat” to see that running in Horizon 6, but there’s no rush to get it implemented now.

The first Pixar movie to utilise raytracing for more than a couple of shots was Cars. CARS! can you guess why? Because when the majority of the movie is taken up with talking reflective boxes, the reflections better look good!

When I first heard about realtime raytracing I immediately thought of how great it would be for racing games. The world in horizon 5 looks incredible and the only thing holding it back is the shading of the cars.

You put a rear wing on a car, or look at an air intake and it should be dark because its reflecting the wing or the vent, but instead it’s reflecting a bright blue sky. Raytraced reflections aren’t about being able to see that peel p50 in your rear bumper, they’re about having the cars reflect themselves and properly occlude the light from the sky (it’s effectively the equivalent of turning on shadows for reflective surfaces)

Cars are such an obvious use for raytracing that all the cover photos (even back to motorsport 1) have had raytraced reflections, because cars just look way more realistic when they can reflect their own bodywork

The forza engine already supports raytracing, the garage has it, the loading and menu images have it, and the first trailer used it (you can see reflections of wing mirrors, spoilers, and roof racks) so we know it’s already possible in the open world.
Not to mention that the way it’s been implemented means that the only thing being reflected with raytracing is the car itself, the environment falls back to cubemaps anyway so it shouldn’t make have the performance impact of most raytraced games out there.

I understand if you personally dont care for it, but it would definitely make a huge improvement for the shading of the cars, and even if it needs to be in a 30fps mode for the xbox, at least make it available for pc. You have no idea what kind of difference it can make, I’ve been waiting for Ray traced reflections in racing games before RTX cards were even announced.

One last thing, your point about flight simulator is inaccurate. The engine is only just getting full directx 12 support, so it was incapable of using dlss, and AI upscaling isn’t more or less effective depending on the altitude, that’s like saying “who needs 4k anyway? it wouldn’t make a difference because im 1000ft in the air”. I got the sense that you prefer framerate over visuals and dlss is effectively free performance if its set to high quality, so I was a bit confused

Probably 10fps on XBox. I think it’s only possible on PC.

Its definitely possible on Xbox, but as the devs have said, not worth the expense on the GPU compared to other graphical effects, at least at this time.

Admittedly it makes sense that RTX would have far more of an impact in the dense cityscapes of Cyberpunk 2077 or Spiderman than rural Mexico.

And now you’ll be waiting at least another two years to see it in a Horizon game, 'cause it aint happening here.