House glitch/bug

Hiya all,

So I’ve made it past the story and decided to buy my houses 2 days ago. I ended up being just short of half a mill from the 5m price house up north on the map so I came off to sleep. Woke up yesterday, booted it up and noticed one of my owned houses was glitched out so I had to pay 4m credits to use it… but the more annoying thing is I couldnt use my free house token that I saved up and I didnt recieve any of the rewards for owning the house. I somehow got the achievement from xbox for owning all houses but I’m more concerned on how I’m going to get a refund for buying the same house twice just so I can use it?

Anybody else with this issue? Also what’s with clothing on most of my spins?

You can’t chose what house you use the token on, the 2 tokens (VIP pack and Welcome pack) are allocated to la casa Solariega (Forzathon points) and lugar tranquilo (horizon promo)

That’s fair enough but why do I have to pay for the same house twice? I know the server was… well it is still terrible but surely I shouldnt have to but the same house twice and lose 4m credits every time?