Hours Of Wasted Time!

Drive the AMG Transport Dynamics M12S Warthog
Lose a Skill Chain worth at least 250,000 Skill Score


I reluctantly tried this accolade again post December 3rd patch after wasting many hours trying to complete this last week to no avail.

If it wasn’t so hard to get even close to 250,000 skill score in the POS Warthog, which is a PITA to use when trying to accumulate large skill chains, the damn accolade did not unlock once again after trying for around an hour and only then was I able to get that skill chain because a Skill Song finally started.

I personally hate having to do things more than once if it’s not my fault, but this takes the biscuit and must have tried this 5 times and wasted multiple hours.

This broken game is an utter joke!

…and yes, I raised a ticket last week and got the automated, is this fixed email, at which point I knew they hadn’t read it.

If I remember correctly I did it together with losing 1 million and it worked like a charm after patch.

Yeah, got the lose 1 million ages ago with a vehicle I cannot remember, but with this one having to be done with the garbage Warthog, which is a hard vehicle to use when trying to build a huge skill chain, it is a torturous activity.

You did well to get both the “Lose 2 Million” AND the “Lose 250k” in the Warthog mind you.

I guess so, I am not sure now but it was losing something with concrete car so I used the same chain for losing more without any concrete car. It could be it. My Warthog is CC ready so full A class.

Your post is a funny joke too. You wasted hours to bank 250k? What are you doing? For hours?? Wait till you try the Apollos 2 mil chain Accolade!:rofl:

A joke? Do you even know what you are talking about?

The accolade is to LOSE 250k in order to complete one of the achievements/accolades (the last one in my instance) and for some reason the damn accolade is broken…for me, but not others it would seem.

FYI, the Apollo accolade was a walk in the park.

Please don’t respond if you have nothing constructive to say.


So, you are saying that , to lose 250k you first need to reach that number, right?

Well, that should take about two minutes top if you use a skill song. Hours? please, dont make me laugh.

There is a custom event, where you smash objects for the whole length of it, and I used that to get it. It sucks having to cheese some things, but I don’t have hours to complete things either.

Done this today when I could play.

I done it at the solar panels. Got up to 50,200 x 5 then went down to highway and rammed into concrete pilar on bridge. Registered instantly. I didn’t install any upgrades / tune, if that counts? Not sure?

1,000,000 I did in FD Viper, and again smashed into pilar and registered instantly (with tune this time).

I did this drifting on the highway in the warthog, but losing 1 million points instead of 250k with the skill song at time 10 multiplier (100,000+ X 10)
So they must be error on what triggers it to be done.

skill chain = 250,000 skill point chain

NOT with the multiplier!