Hotwheel Bone Shaker


I’m locked to 0 points in ranked adventures since i bought the game. I heard that to win : i need to have the Hotwheel Bone Shaker. All my team got it in November Forzathon but i bought the game in December.
I heard that this car can’t be win in Wheelspin and not sell on market.

Is that car will be in another Forzathon in the future ?

How to get that car ?

It’s a common car right ?

If there is Cheated cars like that witch can’t be buy with the game money, a game championchip, or a same Forzathon, i can tell : this game is the most stupid game of the century.

Don’t tell me : I’m a very strong player, i beat all Bone shaker with a Lambda car, this car is not necessary… blablabla. This car is a A class car that beat a lot of S1 cars ! I can’t play this game loosing all day longs only because i wasn’t here on November !

Please put this on market or i will paint a car and protest in the street ! :slight_smile:

I have that car and honestly, I would like it to be removed from the game, it is just even worse than 2004 of FH3, it’s a total class killer. So ok, it’s a way to get rid of rammers but, with it, you mostly race against other having same car and not others having different cars. So block it / remove it as if everyone get it then all A races will be only boneshaker races.


It’s their way of punishing you for not buying the game at full price on release day. Indeed they’d really like you to buy the Ultimate Edition, cars like the FXX are their punishment for if you didn’t do that. I hope you’ve learned your lesson and will think long and hard before you do the same thing again :wink:


I paid full price for ultimate edition pre-order and I don’t have the car.

Right, yes, you had to not only buy the game early on, but play it to earn forzathon points, and buy the Bone Shaker from the forzathon shop the week it was available. If you didn’t have the game early enough, you couldn’t get the Bone Shaker. But you could have the game early enough to get it while not actually playing it in the way needed to get it.

So go get it. It’s part of the car pass.

same. i think its far enough in the game’s life cycle they can drop the curtain and make all cars purchasable. i beat the game months ago, and the christmas buyers should be done now also. let me have my 812 SF now.

I wish it was removed too! It feels like a cheat car, no car can keep up with it in A class. Just like the Baja truck in S1 cross country. I hate to run up against a team all using the same cars

There are some courses where it’s not my fastest A class car, but maybe I just haven’t got the best possible tune for it yet. I have my own custom freeroam rush test route that is biased towards a high top speed down the motorway, and it’s 10 seconds slower than my fastest car on that route over approx 135 seconds to cover the route. I have two different cars that are beating it by 4 seconds on Lakehurst Forest Sprint and Whitewater Falls XC (different fastest car for each course).

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This is true, I have one in A and S1 class. It’s great on some courses and not so great on others.
Tight twisty tracks were the hardest for me to tune for.
I find it to be quite enjoyable in street scene though.
Also, I’m not exactly the best driver so it’s not like I auto win just because I drive it. I have better cars for winning.
If you can avoid the wreck’em up crew the Alfa Romero P3 is a nice car in A class. I got more than a handful on wins in it.
Napalm Nova is another A class favorite.

I don’t think the Bone Shaker should be removed, any car can be beaten depending on who tuned it and who’s driving it.

I rarely see people driving it because they either don’t know how to drive it, don’t have it, or they simply built better cars. I have many more enjoyable cars to drive than the Bone Shaker, but it’s a fun,challenging car to drive.

One advantage it does have can be combatted with tuning. It has great excelleration, in my opinion, the most important aspect of racing. You rarely have time to achieve top speed, but if you tune to get there faster then you have a shot at beating the Bone Shaker.

Agree it is not winning car for every single race, just like sub2004 in FH3. Only sake is, at some point, people get fed up with it and try to find some more challenge winning using other cars and disregarding any winner using it when not highly aggressive to anyone using it. I find it ultimately strange they manage perfectly that 500 cars have very close results and very few cars have out of range efficiency.

All this said , I would not protest if it was removed of the game or reset with revamped tuning possibilities.

Until then, I admit using it when I feel like the lobby is a ramming fest.


It is tiresome. Here’s a race from yesterday… nobody could have predicted it…

If they ever make the car widely available there’ll be no reason to use any other car in A class. Which would of course be farcical. When I’m playing against people using it I just metaphorically roll my eyes because they have such an unfair advantage. Would I use one if I had one, yes, but please PG… nerf it or remove it from ranked play. Yes you can do it, just like Turn 10 removed certain cars from certain class hoppers in FM7 because they dominated so much.

Game design 101… games can be hard, but they must be fair. Allowing only a few players to have access to a class breaking car is inherently unfair.


I’ll give it a try for that course, but I doubt it’s 6 seconds quicker than the '05 NSX-R, given people have said the NSX-R GT is basically the same as the '05. For Lakehurst Forest Sprint, the NSX-R GT is only 1.5 seconds off the Bone Shaker in the dry, though the gap does increase to 3 seconds in the wet. I made a video about the NSX-R GT here:

What was the starting grid for that race?

Dont know if you guys noticed but it also has a world record on no restriction s1 class rivals on fortune island with over 1 second of advantage between it and other cars. OP both on A and S1 classes. This thing shouldnt even exist.


I am hardly playing S2 but Mosler looks to me like pretty kind of class killer too.

Not really because it’s too slow in acceleration. FXX, Centenario or P1 can handle it most of the time.
The Bone Shaker on A is something completely different. It can be beaten on specific tracks with specific cars but on an allround use nothing can hold a candle to it. The Shelby Daytona to some extent but the Bone Shaker is also fool-proof. Impossible to screw up with this thing.

The AWD conversion is an unfitting, boring and mind-boggling easy class-breaker.

I just run 20 laps bamburgh with daytona and bone shaker and there difference is huge, most a-class cars that i have run that in abaout 58,0-59,0 but top 3 is on their own time class

Ford gt40 57,4
shelby daytona 57,0
bone shaker 55,6 race tires and this power/weight ratio is just so class breaking that it shouldnt be a thing.

For me it’s 56.4 Daytona, 56.9 Bone Shaker, so it shows a lot of it is the specific build/tune. I’ve never tried the Bone Shaker with race tyres as I’d normally assume that’s madness for A class, surely it makes it too slow for any prolonged full throttle courses? 56.6 Alfa 33S, 57.1 '11 RX-8 also in the same ballpark.

From my testing it seems there is no difference between a stock tires(ST) and race tires (RT) build.
Greendale Club Circuit:
ST build: 53:896
RT build: 53:938
My own test track:
ST build: 6:36:540
RT build: 6:37:017

The RT build is slightly lighter and feels extremely grippy at the rear but the understeer is a major factor. 85-90% of the power needs to go to the rear.
Due to the wider front wheels the ST build feels more agile and is more to my liking.
In the end it doesn’t matter - the car is brutal anyways.

Thanks, gives me something to aim for. I did about 20 laps last night, and it’s not a track I’ve driven much, but I did 54.7, so I don’t think my build can be too far off, but I’ll see if I can optimise it to get closer to your times. BTW the S1 Viper tune I used to beat you on the Lakehurst Copse rivals is shared, I was quite proud of managing to tune that well enough to beat your time, took me about 15 hours to tune it that well. I expect you’d beat my time if you used my tune, it’s the only tune that I’ve ever got under 3 mins for S1 Lakehurst Forest Sprint with, 2 secs faster than the CC8S and KZ1R, and 3 secs faster than a tune of the same car by a well known youtuber.