Hotel Castillo no daily wheelspin…


Not receiving a daily wheel spin from the hotel Castillo which I’ve owned now for at least 2, possibly 3 full days

Please advise


Same here. I’ve seen a couple of other people with this issue too. Hopefully it’s solved soon and we get back the spins we have missed

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Same issue here, no daily wheel spin from owning this property.

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I am also not recieving daily wheel spins.

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I’ve had the Hotel for several days and only got one Wheelspin so far which was 2 days ago, I got an alert at like 17:41 PST while I was driving around the world saying my Daily Wheelspin was ready. Nothing the day before and nothing yesterday/today so far. Tried closing the game and restarting it each day, no change.

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Same issue here, i’ve had the hotel a couple days now but still havent recieved a wheelspin

Same here, owned the hotel since 05/11/2021 and only had one spin from it.

Same problem still. Only wheelspin was on unlock none since

Same problem, not getting wheelspins or any VIP bonuses while we’re at it

same here support says it work…
I guess they aren’t tried to look at our cases !

No free daily wheelspin, no VIP Bonus, no double forzathon Points… is anything working normally in this game???

Oh I guess not getting double forzathon points does not mean anything because the daily challenges (clean lap in rivals) are bugged too…

I have the same issue, it’s been 3 days since I purchased the hotel and I still haven’t received my daily free spin…………:frowning:

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Support claims it’s not broken.

As we all know, it is.

Purchased on the 8th or 9th, and nothing.

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Same here. No one free wheel spin since I bought the house. I already had huge troubles with FH4. Now this. What are they doing?

I received 1 in total. Hilarious.

Are you sure you haven’t accidently used them after grinding levels and opening 10+ in a row? I have received wheelspin each day for not doing anything so where did those come from?

Same here, no wheelspins from Hotel Castillo. Not sure if this was supposed to be addressed in the hotfix but it definitely has not been fixed.
Support’s response to my ticket was that it is a known issue and they are working on it. Fingers crossed

Same issue :frowning:

Same here…

I bought the hotel on launch day as a VIP member. So already over 1 week ago and never got this daily free wheelspin. When will that finally be fixed?

I have received a couple of daily wheel spins from hotel castillo. I was looking for my daily wheel spin and it wasn’t there and I had no other wheel spins so I idled for a bit and then when I looked on my pause menu I had a wheel spin suddenly. I assume that you have to play for a bit or just sit with your car idle until the wheels pin pops. I guess they purposely did that to make player actually jump in and play and not just get on for free stacks of wheel spins