Hot Wheels Tire Banner?

Frustrating that the HW tires do not have an icon (that I recall atm) or colored banner displayed beneath the vehicle’s image when in use like what is shown for Horizon Edition cars (red banner) and Blizzard Mtn snow tires (teal banner). Just leaving differentiating HW tires to a thin, red tire stripe makes car management even more of a chore than it already is.

Or have I overlooked something really obvious? (which admittedly I tend to do)

The Hot Wheels tires are just racing tires with a red stripe, there’s no need for a special icon to show they’re equipped.


I have never seen a banner underneath an HE car. Only the Blizzard Mountain snow tires ones and I think even that is just an icon.

There is a banner on the screen for the HE cars that tells you what the HE bonus for that car is.

Oh, that’s what he meant. I guess I got so used to it being there, I forgot it was there.