Hot Wheels logos Porsche only?

I was working on a Porsche livery and when i opened the “Apply a manufacture decal” and see 2 Hot Wheels logos but when i check other car manufactures the logos are missing. is this a glitch or will other cars be able to use the logos in the future?

What ever car you have the T10 logos change, they are not the same logos for all the cars, which to me is stupid, if you using those logos then you should see them all, no matter what car you painting.

For the most part the logos don’t change except for the car manufacturers logos. The hot wheels logos where for every car in Forza 5 but look only to be in the Porsche dlc pack which sucks.

If you want the logos just download them from the Sharefront, im pretty sure someone will have traced them.


now the logos are in the Rocket 69 dlc but not the others…