Hot Wheels logos in paint booth

ok i’ve asked this on the Forza 6 paint booth and didn’t get any where but why is the Hot Wheels logos only in the Porsche pack and rocket 69 DLC? in Forza 5 the Hot Wheels logo was available for all cars. i know i can find a copyed design but if i want to up load my own deigns i can’t cause the logos are locked. Will the Hot Wheels logos be available once the Mattel releases the Forza cars set or will it only be limited to the 2 DLC packs?

Nobody knows what DLC will appear in the future. Turn 10 never say until it’s ready for release. The in game logos are also locked, you can’t upload those designs to the sharefront.

You can share full car paints that have the games logos in them. You can’t put them in a vinyl group but you can share a car that includes them.

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Maybe something to do with the decal import technical issues:

You mean i’ve been recreating logos for no reason? lol

Yes! lol

Ah well, it kept me busy… lol

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Well, I recreate some logos anyway for color. Like Hoosier, who ever actually wants a purple Hoosier logo? And Goodyear, the blue is perfect for the historic logo with the diamond shape around it but it isn’t good for Modern liveries. Tire logos are also frequently arched so they need to be recreated to do that too.

So, change up colors and stuff and all your recreation work is not for naught.

Totally will do my own just to alter the color to match a design.
Even the most common stuff like Bridgestone, with the white border, without, swap the lettering from black to white, swap the red in the B to white, whatever suits the car at the time.

I didn’t imagine, in days past you couldn’t sell paints with in game vinyl’s at all could you? I mean Forza 4 etc you had to recreate logos to sell paints with them or did i imagine that? lol

i think you could share in game logos back in MF4 Mitchy… dont quite rember because i painted and recreated logos back then when it was fun to Paint. the game is abit different now so the urge to Paint has dropped to almost 0… lol.

Yeah, the urge to paint when you get no metrics back on your paints is a lot lower. You get some vague feedback about selling 500k worth of designs, but you have no idea which ones sold what amounts etc. It just gives you no way to know which paints are doing well. I hardly paint at all now. Sometimes i’ll throw out a paint for a rivals car or something, but that’s about it except a few for my own use. lol

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Yeah you have to look up my designs and go through EVERY Paint to find the one that i am wondering about. then you can see dowloads and likes. that just gets really old really fast and has comed to the point for me that it doesnt matter anymore. i Paint when i want to but as you said i Paint my cars and doesnt share it. i think i got 3 Paints shared. one With like 3000 downloads after a Paint comp win. and 2 others that didnt win the comp but have like 100 dowloads each… and this is probably 6 months ago… lol.
I hope we get something better for the NeXT FM games. ore user friendly atleast :slight_smile: