HOT LAP ADDICTS, What is the point of a "RACE"?

I just want to race! I don’t care about leader board times and coming in first all the time. For me racing is about skill, set-up tuning and driving.
To bad you can’t create a lobby that penalizes someone for dirty laps, cutting corners and so on. A clean lap meant a faster lap. Shaving seconds
off your lap time because I was able to navigate a turn the right way or I was able to draft and over take the car in front me. I thought this is what
racing was all about. How naïve am I for assuming that because this is a racing simulation game there would be actual racing but I guess it’s just
to much too hope for. Aren’t there driver levels in racing based on driver skill?

Me and my clubby lose, but not because of lack of skill, we run with ABS and one other help, up against turned up cars that would be undrivable without all the aids turned up, sad really, but itss the nature of the beast. But its great satisfaction to be had when you tune the seconds away in a session, beating yourself is the best reason to move forward, if you settle for just turning and burning, without regard to craft, whats the point?

I’m usually on at night eastern standard time. I use aids also like abs tcs stability but turn on simulation steering and still average around 07:15… up to second
level restrictors removed. R2 A4 is my favorite for tuning and driving.

what happened, bro?