Horizon World, Barn Finds, Championships

Hello Guys !

Earlier i tried to get some help because a bug i think, my earlier question i left here:

I have a funny problem, question. This week (season) forzathon car is the horizon edition land rover, previous week i unlocked the goliath race, and i made a blueprint event 5 lap , summer time, i completed the race with this forzathon, horizon edition land rover, i remember i unlocked the achievment with it too, but yesterday i noticed that this achievment is not eraned it by me, how is it possible a completed 5 lap on the goliath race with a horizon edition car, i remember the achievment popped up because i earned it ?

But i have 3 more problem with the game, and i dont know how is it possible the support not working with this problems solution ?

I have all the barn find cars all 15 , but the achievment progress only shows 80 percent, what i have to do to get the achievment ?
Many of my friends have problems with horizon world, they got DNS error message, they contacted also the support of the internet provider and contacted to this support, but nothing happens, this problem my luck not my problem, but i dont know how is it possible after 3 weeks release of the game this error still exists ?
Also a huge problem i think why there are not championships in the game , only the seasonal events ?

I hope this post will receive answers, i dont want to disapointed with one of my favourite game franchise :frowning:

Thanks for your help and the answer !

Have a good day !

Best regards Peter from Hungary a True xbox and Forza games Fan :slight_smile: