Horizon Tour already complete for all Seasons?

Happened last Series as well. Ive got the 3 Points for all 4 Seasons on Series 2 for Horizon Tour already as soon as I’ve logged into the game. Anyone else having this?

Yes, the same

Ive also got this. Are we missing out on the rewards (cars, wheelspins, socks etc) for this too?

Thats a good question. Not sure have to check the post on the playlist and see what the reward is and check.

Edit: looks like theres no associated reward with the Horizon Tour, I checked the Playlist thread and the picture shows no reward, its just the 3 points.

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Its a shame because when its not complete i like to do these, and them being completed off reduces my motivation to play it.

Yeah, the Tour is actually a pretty chill experience. No pressure, nice and casual. If there’s anything I’d like to see completed automatically so I didn’t have to do it, it would be the Playground Games seasonal.


i got three points as well

not really a big deal though

They have done it on purpose so they can take away the extra 9 points in the 4th week of the series so you fail the series completion again.

Check your last series…it will have even fewer points than you thought you got as it has been readjusted again…just to rub it in that you definitely could not succeed and in fact we’re not 1 point away from completion but 13 or thereabouts.

Pg games hates ou and wants you to have a miserable Christmas. Oh yeah, and remember t9 spend your frozathon points to buy then to gift cars to other players for no reason or benefit to anyone at all.

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Same here, but notice that you start with points which I assume are from the completed tour.