Horizon Super7 Not Working?

So, a couple of hours after launch in the UK I’m playing FH5 on XBSX and the online features were a bit patchy but I was progressing nicely. I decided to play the “Horizon Super7” and after completing 4 challenges I receive a message saying “The Forza Horizon 5 server is not currently available”. Well, I still get the same message after 16 hours and still can’t play Horizon Super7 even though the rest of the online features seem to be working (sometimes!). I can see from TrueAchievements that people are unlocking the “Jackpot” achievement (Fully complete a run of Super7) today so it’s working for most. Anyone else had this issue?

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Sad that you didnt get a reply. Same problem here, steam version. Occured just like you described

Same here after 3 cards! Waiting more than a day now for it to become available again

I’m having the same problem on Steam since last night.

same thing here on xbox

The cause of this problem is their server.
I also had this error many times, but I didn’t give up and accessed the Super7 again and again, and miraculously the challenge showed up.
And once it showed up, the problem did not occur until I finished those challenges.

Of course, this is my case. It may not work in other player environments, but it’s worth a try.