Horizon Rally again?

I really hope that they do another Horizon Rally. I played the one on FH1, it was really fun, but it got boring really quick. Mostly because of its lack of content. Lets be honest, it really wasn’t enough content for 20$. Now since FH2 is gonna be coming out with 1080p, open world driving, weather, and drivatars, i think having another Rally with much, much more content, and more rally inspired customization, would add a very fun and long lasting addition to FH2.

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I agree! I loved the rally stages in Horizon 1! Would love to see them make a comeback!!


Bring it on lol

I think it was worth the £14 I paid for it here in UK. Only played through it once but being able to use my rallified setups in online races, on tracks that are bumpy or have off road sections sold it to me. Oh the joys of ripping my Murcielago round Clear Springs circuit with rally tires and suspension.



"Q: Does the game feature rally cars and tracks?

A: There was a great fan response to the “Rally Expansion Pack” for the original Forza Horizon and we brought some of the same rally feel to Forza Horizon 2, which takes place in southern Europe. While there aren’t specific rally-themed events, the open-world nature of the game means that players will be able to complete in a variety of off-road races. Cross-country races are a great example – here, the goal is to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible. The roads are purely optional and you can expect to spend more time blasting over fields and weaving in between trees in densely packed forests, as you forge your own trail to victory."

This statement makes me doubt that the Rally Upgrades are back. They’re not saying anything actually rally-based is in the game, they’re just saying “Well… you can go off-road.”

Personally would prefer to see rally as a spin off. Forza rally would be cool. They could do Dakar, Baja etc


Forza rally as a third possible forza franchise would be awesome, but it would be a shame if there wouldnt be any rally upgrades in horizon2
I am afraid that the quote above may indicate that there wont be any such rally features,
although I wouldnt really miss the separate rally mode from horizon1 (it was nice for a while but it should have been more integrated) I would really miss those upgrades they were really helpful in many offroad or mixed surface races, and I used them on many cars for specific tracks,
now when they are hyping the openworld aspect with even more drivable areas it would be a no-brainer to exclude these upgrades imo
but who knows with tuning being added maybe the lack of these upgrades wont be such an issue

I hope the Rally suspension comes back, that was so awesome to have a Veyron SS with the rally lift on it. xD

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Although they’ve said there won’t be any rally themed events, they have mentioned a showcase event where you race a “classic rally car” against a steam train, so hopefully that will provide a good fix of off-road rallying.

But I have to agree with what’s been said above - the game would be much better with dedicated rally content (imo) but it sounds very unlikely, unless they do it for DLC again.

Would like to see user-created rally and see people fail because they turn up at the start in their Saleen S7 with 2 zillion bhp and race-slicks only to find out the route that was plotted is next to the tarmac and it rains :slight_smile:

I know there was a rally in horizon I wanted to know if there is going to be one in forza horizon 2 I am a huge rally fan if there is rally in the new forza horizon please change the physics to make it more like dirt 3 because what i noticed is that forza is a very slippery game it always has been compared to the other racing games I hope on asphalt its a bit more traction and on the dirt in the country side and dirt area its more like dirt 3 say with a off road truck like raptor if its in the game it will have somewhat grip and in a racing rally car it will have a lot of grip and with a super car it will have very little grip with out off road tires or rally tires or whatever turn ten makes if anyone knows please respond to the topic.

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I was wondering if there is going to be any offroad in horizon 2

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I love to see the rally pack to come back as it was a real enjoyment to play with fully customized cars

Already confirmed that it isn’t coming back.