Horizon Open: Need car/tune advice for accolades

Hey guys,

My mission for today is to plug away at a few accolades in ‘Online’–>‘Horizon Open’ and the two I am trying to get are the following:

"TESTING THE LIMITS": Reach a top speed of 250mph in Horizon Open racing


"OUTTA MY WAY!": Maintain a speed of at least 180mph for 5 seconds in Horizon Open racing.

My question is, or rather my request is for advice on which vehicle to use for these, and also what tune. I recognize the events vary from type/surface but I don’t need to win the event just need to hit the required speed, so I’m open to taking a Jesko offroad, if need be…LOL

Anyone have any vehicle recommendations and/or tunes to get these 2 accolades knocked off?

Don’t know if it was a bug or not, but I entered S2 dirt championship with S2 Jesko, and during the waiting period for the current event to start, I drove on the highway and got the 250mph accolade, might also work for the other one, but that one I got earlier while racing.

I can confirm, I did it that way too. Wait for s2 and then do it during the waiting period.

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Same as the others, I did the 250mph in the waiting period. Prior to that I had tried to do within a race and never quite got there.

The 180mph one should be doable in S1 and above in a open street event. I don’t recall having to try to hard for this one.

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Brilliant guys, thanks for the tip, that worked for both accolades right away.


S2, Mclaren F1 GT Rwd power build.

You are welcome.