Horizon online issues

I’ve been trying to access online free roam for two days, I keep getting in then 10 seconds I disconnect, my madden 15 and destiny both work fine online any insight from anyone? Tried resetting router and clearing cache on the xbox one. If anyone knows anything and can help me clear this up would be much appriciated

I have the same issue, I still cant connect any online free roam or online road trip. Waiting a solution! :confused:

Was jamming online with 3 friends last night, but one guy got sent back to solo freeroam every time we started an event.

In this case, did he meet the even restrictions? If he did not, and tried to start the event he probably got booted to solo because there was (in essence) no one left in the Online room because you were in a race.

As for OP, shoulder shrug wish I could help. :S

Nah, we were all in the same car class/championship type. The game says “drive to next event”, we tear a** to the marker, all of us make it in time, but only 3/4 end up in the race. Same guy dropped every time.

So basically I’m gonna trade in this worthless game because I’ve waited 3 more days with no success. I tried reinstalling the stupid thing still a fail I’ve called xbox live to ask them they fed me some crap about the servers are experiencing issues it would be fixed later that day… Here I sit two days later with no luck I love the game but if I can’t play online I might as well go play sega or something please will someone address this issue there are others out there with the same problems!!!