Horizon Map Wishlist (Location/Features)

Since there’s always a Motorsport track wishlist, I thought why not have a Horizon map wishlist, and with only 10 months until we’ll see the Forza after FM7 (likely FH4) now seems as good a time as any to make it. The FM track and joint FM/FH car wishlists have gone a long way towards getting us Forza fans what we want from each game, so I’m hoping this thread will serve to do the same. Obviously, future Horizon games haven’t been confirmed, but I’ll eat my new McLaren Honda Andretti hat if we dont get another one.

In my opinion, FH3 being set in Australia was awesome, but the map left a lot to be desired. There are only a handful of real ‘driving roads’ in the game and pretty much all of them are covered by drift/speed zones, meaning you can’t enjoy them without being shouted as to get sideways or go as fast as possible. As for the location, I really couldn’t care less where FM4 is set, provided we once again get some awesome vistas, and a switchback mountain road or two wouldnt go a miss.