Horizon Life Levels

Noob Question: Whats the max level on the different categories (Dirt racing series, Explorer, etc.?

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Does anyone know if any of the events like road racing or street racing have a max level as to where there’s nothing else to unlock? Only asking because I’ve done all of them and no new ones are showing up so I want to know how long I’ll have to repeat racing in them to max out the level for each specific one. Thanks



Nevermind did not notice new seasonal traps etc probably that is the reason.

So, ive unlocked and gotten 3 stars on all speed zones(21) and my level is stuck at 16. Is this supposed to happen?New content coming or have my numbers glitched due to driving some of these before unlocking in forzathon live?

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What are max levels for race divisions? I beat all street scene races including The Marathon and was level 10-11. I’ve grinder Marathon a few times now and am level 14, does anyone know max levels?

The Goliath is unlocked for Road Racing Tier 20; I’m not sure if there’s a Level Cap there however or if you can continue to get CR and Wheelspins after that.

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Level 20 is indeed the level cap. Each time you fill the bar after that you’ll get a normal Wheelspin but stay on 20.


Do you unlock any more cars after rank 10 on the road, dirt or cross country series?

Hello, i completed all Speed Traps with 3stars, and got it to RANK 15, but i cant get the Super Wheelspin, cuz i`m missing 2,000 Influence? How can u get it? if u have everything completed??

I will post screen

Rank 15 bug?

and here is stats, that shows 84/84 Stats

Go back and three star them again

20 is the cap for Road Racing and doesn’t increase each time I level. However, my Car Collector is level 23… so not really sure how it all comes together.

Is there a cap to any of the Horizon life categories.
Some of mine are still at 1 but I’ve got a couple of them at 17 and 18. Wondering if there was a cap maybe at 20 or something or do you just keep going? I did notice they level up slower as you get higher so maybe there’s a soft cap at some point.

Car level 51 myself. All the cars I have left to purchase are 500K and up. Very shocked I won a Chiron in a wheelspin. Need more of that good luck

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Haven’t reached 20 yet, but people say that at 20 you unlock another mega race. And that 20 is the max. After that whenever you fill the bar you get a wheelspin but it stays at 20

That seems cool I would hope it’s a super wheel spin at that point. I question the thing about the megarace. I did open up one megarace. I can’t remember what event type it was but I did not get to 20 at all in that Horizon life level. I just did a bunch of those races and it opened up

Yeah, that’s the way it works. There are 4 of them, dirt, road, cross country and street and they open up after you have done enough races in each category.

Same problem here, but I have lvl 16. I think some of them are broken.
Also I have max on stunt driver, but I didn’t finish it (I have one more mission).
And I can’t do it cuz game is crashing after doing it, because I already maxed out rank in this …

What about the rest of the divisions? (Cross Country, Street Scene etc.)

I have done all the Dirt & Cross Country races including the gauntlet and titan that i can see on the map but i can’t get too round 10 i am 90% on unlocking both achievements ? What am i missing.

I managed to get to round 10 road racing series