Horizon life issues

As i see, many people have problem with this so called online feautre. I usually able to join servers, but everytime a new ForzathonLive is about to start, the whole thing just go nuts and it won’t let me join any servers until the event starts, aka a new hour coming. After that, it’s immediately put me into a server, doesn’t matter if i wanted to or not… I also have problem with playing Pvp/Coop races with several people, and why the game disconnects me from the Horizon Life server after EVERY event? I was expecting a fix after the 4 day early access, but the game is out for more than a week now and the server issues are still up. What the hell man, this feature was suppose to sell this game, and it is broken as hell.

Yeah I’m not feeling particularly noticed with this issue either. I’ve entered trouble tickets before and after the patch, with no update. I’ve posted here helping those with the massive stuttering caused by Horizon Life, with no input from anyone on the team. Also, none of the many threads created about the Horizon Life associated stuttering have been pinned or marked as investigating. Paying a premium for early access only to have the entire online component broken really doesn’t seem fair.