Horizon Hardcore glitch?

Was finishing up my championships when I got the horizon hardcore achievement despite having one championship left to do. Anyone else have this happen to them?

No, usually people complain that they’ve done them all and didn’t get the achievement.

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Wow… OK

I just completed 63/63 yesterday. Stats say so but Horizon Hardcore says 98%.

Yeah, not :roll_eyes:

Try repeating some. Apparently, at 98% you’ve done either 61 or 62 championships.

Apparently? Apparently you were done with all your championships and it was just you who thought you had one more to do.

No sorry you’re mistaken and my stats in game show just what my map says 63/63. The only thing out of line is the achievement. So apparently it didn’t count one of the 63 championships I already completed. Which I am assuming was when I co-op but I’m not going to do a bunch more championships to see if it pops. I have done two more in the area that a co-op a while ago and not othing

I’m not going to bother with screen shots but my game stats show 63/63 and I guess I’ll be like a lot of others.

Edited to add I have already done multiple hold Xbox button in until my brick goes orange/ then unplugged what for lights to cease - even did an over night reset. No joy. I’ve done it after doing another championship. No joy.