Horizon Edition XP Boost cars should be banned online.

Why you ask? Because you can still win even if you don’t finish the race. Which in all honesty makes a mockery of it being a race. Fair enough earning the most XP and not winning the race and still winning the event but to not even finish the race and still win is a bit of a joke really…

It needs to be that or a massive XP penalty for not finishing. Although with perks as well the XP boost cars are still overpowered online.


I wouldn’t have high hopes for this, as even the single player to unlock festival sites does not put emphasis on winning races (unlike previous FHs).
You can unlock everything and finish 12th all the time if you want so.
It seems FH3 needed an easy ‘I win’ mode for the masses, and this is it.

Yeah but offline/career doesn’t affect other people. And it still makes a mockery off it being a race. If you can still win without even finishing the race, why make it a race to start with? May as well just make it a timed skill event over a certain area or route.

There’s no point to a race if people deliberately don’t even try to race or even finish it and just sit at the back stringing drifts together and causing wreckage through scenery etc.

Hmmm. The lack of input disturbingly makes me think y’all don’t mind people not bothering to race in a race or even finish the race but still win it. Surely not…?

Every race only adventure I have been in where I have done well in the races I have won the xp leaderboard, some against HE cars, some not.

My only aim in races is to race clean and cross the line first.

I have not yet felt that HE cars or drifting have ruined a race only adventure.

Now in mixed I have lost out on the xp leaderboard mainly because I am not as good at the games. And that is where I see HE cars get higher scores.

But I let the activity rules what I do, if it is a race I try to finish the fastest not the most stylish, if its flag rush I fail because I refuse to camp the bases, infected I run for my life, king I go for king etc.

Just not reading the forums that often doesn’t mean I don’t agree with you. :slight_smile:

The point is simple and there is indeed something very wrong with the way XP/credits/difficulty/skill works in this game. For singleplayer it doesn’t matter at all if you play against competitive drivatars and win or if you play against unbeatable and always finish 12th. Drivatars are extremely inconsistent as well, at the same difficulty level I can win normal tarmac / trail races with ease while I end up 12th as soon as the circuit is a jump style circuit with ramps and much air time or when there is a lot of debris on the route (where the drivatars magically seem to fly through without being slowed down).

I have all HE cars myself and IMO the bonuses are lame. It puts all the focus on the HE cars and neglects the other 300 cars in the game. I could do an Asian sports car race in let’s say an MX5 I haven’t tried yet and which could be fun or I could just ignore that and do it in the HE BRZ because it’s just more efficient.

Coming back to your point, I am personally much against banning cars from online play, that is just not fun. I’m much more in favor or changing the way the HE bonus works. I would make the HE bonus work in singleplayer only and also nerf the bonus amount you get from some cars as well.

Having a DNF in multiplayer on itself shouldn’t be penalized too much either. Remember there are often different skill levels and people in the back tend to miss gates easier than the guys in front as well. I’ve had a lot of DNFs online as well even when I was just racing. I try out a lot of cars 'm not familiar with in stock form, I’m chatting too much and not paying attention and/or I’m just a bad driver. :slight_smile: I would however not mind a penalty applied depending on how many gates you didn’t make in case you have a DNF. Assume a certain race or course has 30 gates before you reach the finish and I would have my DNF when I reached the 28th gate, then sure give me a penalty of only receiving the amount of XP and credits x 28 / 30.

my 2 cents.

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Excellent post. Very well stated!

Definitely not. I do mind, and I agree with you. A DNF should mean zero points in the race, even if the player earns boatloads of XP, skill points and credits for himself individually–from his antics while he was supposed to be racing. If I was king of the Forza universe, that’s how it would be.

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A good solution IMO would be to make it so that the XP boost still counts toward leveling up, BUT (and this is a big but) the XP boost DOES NOT count toward the XP leaderboard.

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XP boards found while going from one point to the other in online adventure also counts towards you xp amount for the whole adventure.

You dont need a HE car to do this. I was doing it today in a normal car as i was sick of playing bumper cars.

I don’t think they do, I’ve tried using an XP boost car and it didn’t affect my total XP at the end of the event. The drivers are just banking skills to increase their total XP. I do this all the time, but I also finish near the top also.

Well, HE cars don’t do much for online play, and the XP boosting ones don’t activate their boosts in adventure anymore, so this thread has little importance now. Other HE cars that don’t have XP boosts are really to get you credits, or skill points and have no affect in online play. Banning them outright just seems… wrong as a whole.

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That’s because this thread is over 2 months old and this issue has been patched.

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Yes, but others still posted, not to mention I also pointed that fact out in my original. Read sometime, it’ll help in life.