Horizon edition cars and wheelspins


I’m new to Horizon 3 and just started playing few days ago. I’m at Level 12 but I never get any HE cars yet alone any cars in all 12 wheespins. All I get it credits. I know it’s random and luck but my question is, is there a chance to earn HE cars in wheelspins still?

Why I ask is I saw some posts saying these set of HE cars are in wheelspins currently etc. Does that mean only some HE cars were available during certain time? If that’s the case, any idea if the current set of rewards contains any HE cars?

I’m pretty sure there are still HE cars in wheelspins. I know there always were were in the past.

Not all of them. Some were exclusive to Forzathons, which they’re not doing anymore.

Do you see any when the wheel spins past?

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t really see any HE cars during the spins but I wasn’t looking hard anyway. So hopefully I’ll get something. Especially something with credit boost and skill boost…