Horizon DLC is EOL at the end of October

The funny thing about this one (beside, that this anounce was pushed into news about HOW GREAT FORZA HORIZON 3 IS!!1 and consist only of few words,kinda, so everyone gonna miss this news…) …

So, yeah, the funny thing is about, again, not giving a full information.
Like, “why”. Or “what about rivals”. Or “what about achievements”. Or “what is this “…play the game and its associated content as normal…” means”.

And all other stuff.

Rival’s still don’t working, btw. As they normally do, right?.. Riiight.

I’m really disappointed with the way they handled this. I had played the Fast and Furious standalones when they were free, but getting this game sold the whole series to me. I even bought the season pass and plan to get both versions of 2 and eventually 3. I just wish they would have given warning that they were disabling Rivals or kept it running until they delisted it. I’m sure they just didn’t want to deal with the increased server traffic, but it’s really disappointing that 2 achievements are discontinued right as I get interested in the series. I don’t even like racing games :slight_smile:

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As far as I have generally understood the term, “End of life” has meant that there’ll be no more support whatsoever.

This would suggest to me that Rivals will remain deactrivated and that other services like the design storefront may also be deactivated.

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I’m curious if there’s going to be any opportunity to get those special DLC cars that some of us may have been unlucky enough to have missed about 4 years ago. Specifically, I’m talking about the Pizza Hut Mustang Boss 302 and the Rockstar GT500. They are still listed as DLC on the Xbox store, but they are both shown as unavailable. Just hoping that they might release them to the public before shutting everything off forever.

I love that with this announcement they raised the price of the season pass from $5.00 to $20.00.

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I was going to buy that, but if thats the case, I won’t bother.

It was $5.00 in deals with gold now It’s $20.00 back again. So that has nothing to do with raising the price…

Yes, and the fact that it’s all gone back up, no matter what the reason, means I won’t be buying it at all.

It’s gone back up because it is no longer on sale. It was on sale for a limited time. :confused:

Seemed like it went back up in price as soon as the EOL announcement came. To me, that seems like a cash grab attempt. In my eyes, it really should be on sale till it’s removed at this point.

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For me this sounds more like that only the game vanishes from the store and nothing else changes., otherwise there would be problems with multiplayer (game) or Club1000 (associated content).

But an official answer on this topic would be nice. :slight_smile:

This is too bad. I just got the game for free from games with gold so don’t have an issue buying some DLC. The problem is the DLC I have already downloaded and installed doesn’t work in the game on Xbox One.

You’ll need to go to “Manage game” from your Xbox One dashboard and head to the “Ready to install” section. You should find the DLC waiting there for you to download.

Is it possible to buy Forza Horizon DLC without having the access to the console and the game? I was planning to get this game at some point when I can afford to buy Xbox One and play this via backwards compatibility now that Horizon 3 has sold me on the series on PC. So my question is: Is it possible to obtain this DLC before it disappears (wonders of digital distribution people) via computer without owning a Xbox console and the game?

Yes and no

You can buy the dlc from PC
BUT you are going to be limited for example if you want to get the season pass in order to get all the additional contents you will need to get them from the ingame menu BUT you can also avoid this if you have the money for example the season pass includes 7 car packs each one costs 5 dollars so you will waste 35 dollars PLUS the Rally pack that costs 20 dollars or something like that. In total 55 dollars

And if you want the vip pack is another 10 dollars but you won’t have to get anything else.

Is better that you find someone that has an xbox 360 to help you and you don’t even have to download it just have it on your download history and you can get them later when you have one.

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