Horizon Arcade needs a score based on participants and announcement return

So as the title says, the current Horizon Arcade ie Forzathons really needs to change the group score based on how many people are currently active in the event, since the 5th ive managed to complete 1, 99% of the time im the only person trying to do it, another player might appear for like 20s then disappear though.

Also unlike FH4 there is no longer a notification that these events are starting, and if like myself you turn off pretty much everything on the map except players (unless im looking for something specific) so you can actually see, you will never know its even happening unless you accidentally drive through one, honestly i liked the FH4 letting me know one was starting, as like i said, it allowed me to keep the map clutter free and not everyone has played a Forza title before and may not even know what the arcade event is or why even bother doing it.

So yea, please adjust the required score based on the current participants and give an announcement that event is happening soon.


Post patch this still needs to happen imo, either adjust the score needed or add more time based on the amount of people taking part, even with the patch somewhat fixing player visibility its either still not matchmaking with 11 players are its supposed to or people just dont know or care about Horizon Arcade.

Just the announcement would make a huge difference I think, I played one earlier with at least 10 participants and it was done + completed in just over 5 minutes., getting people in is the biggest issue, unless you know and are looking for them most players will only come across them by accident at the moment, either by driving nearby and seeing the area or opening their map at the right time.