Horizon Arcade difficulty

I’ve tried Arcade 3 times and all 3 times we hardly finished 2nd part, last time we couldn’t finish the 2nd stage at all! It should be fun and in FH4 it wasn’t a problem but now it looks just impossible to finish in time.


Those games are meant to be completed by big groups of players, 10+, at the moment there never seem to be more than 2-3 people participating. The game would need to scale the points needed based on players part taking, but i guess that is hard to implement, so we have to wait for the full release and the servers to work properly, then more people will help to get the points needed.


I’m afraid they’ve killed the Forzathon Live with this new Arcade system.

With Forzathon it was 50-50%, you could either get in a decent group, or end up alone with another guy, the both of you unable to get it done, because the system didn’t take into account how many drivers there were playing.

The new system doesn’t adapt the goals according to the number of players, either. It doesn’t care if you’re alone or with another 10 drivers, you get exactly the same goal. But now, instead of a single Forzathon every hour, we have plenty Arcade events, scattered all around the map, with different starting times… so, even if you manage to reach one in time (which is hard), the chances of you getting a big enough group to complete it, are pretty bad.

Hopefully it will get better once they fix the huge connectivity issues they are having, but I still don’t think they will work. Which would be a shame, because the few events I’ve been able to play, have been way more fun than the Forzathon events were. Specially the piñatas and the targets. Plus now we get to choose if we want drifting events, air, crashing, speed…


I’ve completed 3 rounds of wreck arcade type with 2 other players with 1 min remaining so i guess its doable.

Arcade drift, however, is impossible at this time. It would take a minimum of 5/6 people to do the event, however, there is not enough people joining, and sometimes, they got disconnected when the event started.

One time i got lucky 4 people are waiting in the arcade drift area. When the event started, all of them suddenly disappeared and im left with 1 guy who drifts with a lambo.

I need to complete this arcade only once just for the achievement. My completionist lizard brain is suffering right now :(. Hope this will get better when the game fully releases.

How do you play arcade? When I click on it it says it isn’t available. Do you have to unlock something to play it?

It pops up on the map as a big pink circle.

I haven’t even seen an arcade pop up since Friday. Connectivity issues may be a thing, but the one I did manage to do Friday went terrible because there were only 4 of us. But as far as I can tell since then, I’ve not seen a single one.

They really need to get connectivity fixed before general availability.

I’ve done 10 or so Arcades and yet to complete one fully so can’t get the 3 points in the Festival playlist. Often I’m on my own. Huge disappointment.

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so, far not of fan of:
~ honking my horn X amount of times
~ the very limited time to fid the object to smash

i would preffer the old forzathon live stuff

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The difficulty of these should scale depending on the number of players taking part. It can’t be that hard for the devs to figure out, surely?


Yes, I agree, it should be scaled, no doubt about it.


The difficulty is right where it needs to be. It’s a group event for a reason. The connection is not great right now but why would they adjust the levels. That can easily be cheesed and make it way to easy to go through all 3 rounds with ease. Not suppose to be completed with 1 or 2 people so guess you guys gotta wait like the rest of us till more people join and the servers are stable.

I did 3 Arcade Events on Friday…completed 3 rounds on the first 2 (but didn’t get any points getting a message saying I hadn’t completed a round) and got the previous mentioned message halfway through round 2 on the 3rd. DIdn’t try again till today, completed Round 2 this time

Forza Arcade at the moment is just a sick joke. If I try and do one they either it’ll disappear as soon as I reach the circle, not acknowledge I am even there, or start but because it’s just me be impossible to complete in time. Alternatively I’ll be doing single player races, and after completing one and returning to the map be told I’ve been kicked from an Arcade session I had no idea even existed.

And of course they’ve locked Weekly Forzathon rewards behind an event you can’t complete due to the game being so buggy.


It’s terrible. Just checked my stats on it: 11 entered, 1 completed. Be nice to be able to get everything in the shop since it just opened, but just about impossible. Like a lot of people said, it was fine how it was in FH4

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It was the same problem I’m FH4. I’d frequently try to do it only to have no other participants, or have people treating drifting as speed zones.

Really? I hardly ever had that problem in FH4 unless I was playing really late at night or something like that. Seemed like a lot of people attended the events too, at least for me. on FH5 it seems like you’re lucky to get 2 other participants with you most of the time


Nobody’s doing Forzathon Arcade because nobody’s doing Forzathon Arcade. It’s frustrating. I think it’s just happening too often, and when it does there are multiple instances so it’s splitting the base. Just go back to one an hour and everyone will be on the same one.


I know I’ve tried 5 now as I got an accolade for entering 5, all of them got no one than 3 players whom I couldn’t always see and none finished Round 3.

Forzathon Live was a lot of fun, getting there early and lining up your cars for a photo. Forza Arcade is awful, hardly anyone joins and we can’t see those do…


Difficulty of it depends on how many players you get in with you and they know at least what to do.

I gave it one try today not long ago and we finished 3rd round easily. Got DBS SL without doing pvp or Tour (rivals doesn’t count). It started at runway in south with skills, next was super quick trailblazer which took maybe 15 seconds total and last one was skills again so very easy with fast offroad car that is good at grinding skill chains (Hoonigan RS200).