Horizon Adventure story/progression underwhelming?

I’ve played Forza since Horizon 1 days and the beauty of that game was the progression and story which pushed you along gradually and it took time to earn good cars, better races and you had a rival or rivals should I say up till the last race and the Goliath which felt like an achievement beating it all, this feeling has been reduced to basically nothing up till FH4 now its even worse in this game, I was surprised how fast the Goliath appeared on the Adventure tab to be unlocked it doesnt seem grand at all anymore its just “another race” also the number of wheelspins ive been receiving getting tonnes of fast cars is ridiculous having only putting few hours on opening a few festival outpost sites, this doesn’t feel natural at all just having events thrown at you very quickly with no real direction or rival or motivation such as Darius Flynt or other head to head sub bosses we’ve had or the wrist band levels, FH5 is beautiful, it does alot of things right but the above mentions are all things they seriously need to work on when it comes to the next game, because its making the experience rather hollow.

Yeah I feel the thresholds of Accolades in Horizon Adventure were way too low. Just doing a couple races & a PR stunt or two would level you to the next chapter. Experience per level seems tiny too, to the point that I reached level 100 & Hall of Fame in 15 hours of driving.